Afternic Experiment - The Platform continues to Degrade.

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Please do the following and report back results.

1) Enter a new listing and advise if price shows at GD BIN lander - this lander - name)
2) Change a price of existing Afternic listing and report if price changes price at Godaddy BIN lander.
3) Click on old price BIN button of number 2 (even though it should show new price) and see if you get an error message?

My results after 8 hours, 5 hours respectively...

1) New listing not providing BIN price at GD BIN lander after 8 hours.
2) Price has NOT changed to updated price for 5 hours.
3) Error message for me
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your issue should be solved if u do bins via plus u get to use real nice fast dan ui not that thing on afternic that is ugly slow and should not really exist.