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    I was trying to find info on the subject searching the net, but I could not find any content that fit my case.
    Mostly it seems that domains are leased with option to buy with fixed monthly or quarterly fee.
    My case is a little different as I will not be selling the domain, and the monthly price will be a commission of the sales made from the webshop they put on my domain. I had other plans for the domain, and I would then have to cancel those to let the other entity use my domain. As I anyway aimed for passive income, this solution would seem to be perfect.
    Searching around I quickly found this site that seems to be very useful for domain issues.
    Hopefully someone here can give me some advice as to how to proceed with this.

    My questions would then be:

    What percentage commission would be fair to charge?
    Amazon typically pays between 4 and 8 percent.

    For how long period should the contract be?
    If it is beneficiary to me it could be indefinite

    I suppose I should charge a minimum monthly fee due even if they do not have success with their project?

    Should I use a third party to secure my rights?

    How can I make sure that I will not be in danger of loosing my domain in the future?
    The client can claim to have accumulated trademark rights and goodwill building a brand.

    And any other things that I may not have thought of.

    Thank you for your time.
    Any advice will be most appreciated.

    Best regards from Caribe
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    Loads to consider eg if rented it and didn't do right thing how to unravel it. But there are already websites offering it. I have if you work away around hurdles.
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    You are absolutely right, and it is probably best to invest in having a lawyer set up the deal.
    I am still awaiting a formal proposal for the economics of the deal and will decide based on my upside on the deal.

    Thank you for taking the time to chime in.
    I have sold a few domains over the years, but never had a proposal like this.

    Best regards

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