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Adsvictory.com is an ad network that specializes in monetizing websites and apps through banner and video ads. As a publisher, I had the opportunity to use the network and I would like to share my experiences and insights in this review.

II. Approval Process
Adsvictory has strict requirements for approval to ensure that the websites and apps they work with have quality and genuine content. For websites, they require a minimum of three months of existence and 100k monthly page views. For apps, they require a minimum of 10k installs and daily active users from the Google Play Store. The approval process is straightforward and can take 3-8 days, depending on Google's response time.

III. Ad Formats and CPM
Adsvictory offers a range of ad formats, including banners and video ads, and uses header bidding technology to provide high CPMs to publishers. This results in a more profitable monetization experience for the publisher.

IV. Payment Process
Adsvictory pays its publishers on a net 30-day basis through a variety of methods, including UPI, bank transfer, PayPal, wire, and crypto. This provides a range of options for publishers to choose from to receive their payments.

V. Integration with Other Ad Networks
Adsvictory allows for integration with other ad networks, such as Google AdSense, as long as a minimum of 30% of the network's ad inventory is utilized. This offers a level of flexibility for publishers to maximize their monetization opportunities.

In conclusion, I found my experience with Adsvictory to be positive and profitable. The network's strict requirements for approval ensure quality and genuine content, while their use of header bidding technology and range of ad formats provide a lucrative monetization opportunity. The net 30 payment policy and a variety of payment options make receiving payments a hassle-free experience. I would highly recommend Adsvictory to other publishers looking to monetize their websites or apps.

visit here: adsvictory.com
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