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    Why that's many of the emoji's here on NP can be used to describe synonyms for the word absurd;

    * crazy
    * foolish
    * goofy
    * ridiculous
    * ludicrous
    * silly
    * stupid
    * wacky
    * loony
    * senseless

    I have a reputation for hand registering "crappy domains", but what really is a crappy domain? One that's goofy? One that's crazy? One that's laughable? One that's wacky? or one that's just plain stupid?

    Having registered AbsurdBrands(.)com just a few days ago I've been thinking a lot about the word "absurd", and when you really think about it, most brand names are absurd. Take Amazon and Apple for example...first, they were both brand accidents (i'll explain if you don't know), and neither of the names have anything to do with what they do:xf.rolleyes:

    Take Elephant Insurance or Cheesecake Realty or even Scorpion Agency...what does an elephant have to do with insurance or cheesecake have to do with real estate or a scorpion have to do with agency?

    Owning the the domains AbsurdBrands and AbsurdCreations, I felt the urge to try a misspelling of the word "absurd" because absurd in king was already taken....thus How's that for a crappy domain? I don't know how much longer I can keep this crap up:wacky: Anyone else care to wayin:xf.wink:
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