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    Many times someone will ask how long do you hold on to a domain name? When do you just look to move it wholesale by auctioning it at NameJet or GoDaddy? Perhaps move it along to a new wholesome platform like Sometimes just sitting there and leaving it alone pays off. was picked […]

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    Nice sale...

    I do like these pronouncable 5 letter VCVCV (and VCVCV) .coms
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    That one time, I received a price request for a brandable LLLL .pl domain, but I was on holidays with family and not so great wifi, so I ignored the mail, planning to reply after we're back home. But before long, I received another mail (from the same company) offering 2500 EUR for the domain, which I promptly accepted, as it was quite a bit more than I would have quoted myself. So sometimes it pays off to wait a bit before replying. But of course it's not a golden rule and another time I lost a sale by replying a few weeks after the inquiry and quoting 12k PLN for a domain, to which I got a reply that they were looking for a name for a new business and it was an acceptable price but they've already purchased another domain for a similar price so that's it.

    [edit] sorry, I realized my post is somewhat off-topic, as the OP is about holding a domain for a few years and not "patience" (or procrastination) in replying to inquiries. :xf.rolleyes:
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    There's a bit of luck in this,
    I can't tell you,
    Sometimes not selling this time is for a higher price next time,
    Sometimes I don't get a higher offer than I did this time

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