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Just as we can see further when standing on the shoulder of giants, we can benefit a lot from the experience of veterans in the domain market. Here we have 8 tips from the big players in the Chinese domain market for you.

1. Uncle Hang & Captain: To be a successful investor, you need to resist the dolefulness.

Uncle Hang: Resist the dolefulness and carry on with it. Domain name investing has the highest return rate in all the projects I have invested. Let alone the returning in past 10 years, just a 30% annual return rate could be amazing.

Captain: Everyday and everywhere there are people refusing our offer. But we never regret for our high offers. We believe in the value of the domain names and can resist the dolefulness.

No matter what you have faced today, give a little more faith to tomorrow. Resist the dolefulness on the way and you can reach your destine finally. Keep an eye for the domain market always and prepared to pick up the domain name before dawn.

2. John Xu: Find the key person and know the seller’s real concerns and their transfer method.

John successfully bought the domain name Game.com from Hasbro and now the domain name has received an offer over 100 million CNY. Talking about purchasing premium domain names from the end users, John said the most important thing is to figure out the real concerns of the seller. Sometimes the price is not the main concern for them. Usually they will care more about whether the domain name will finally go to their competitors. Thus the tip is to do not make decisions in haste. Spend more time in digging the background and the real concerns of your trading partner.

3. Miller: Credibility comes the first in the domain transactions.

In the domain name industry, the credibility and reputation are very important. Since the domain circle is not big, once you are on the black list, your domaining career may reach an end.

4. Big Ben: Experience is Important. New players shall put their feet on the ground.

Do not regard the domain investing as an easy job when you see the cases that the domain name price increase tenfold in a single reselling. New players have to be diligent. You might be lucky enough to win the sudden wealth over night, but if you want to earn the money in the long term, the experience is very important.

5. Yipeng Xie: Be fast enough.

No matter in the auction or registering, you need to be fast enough. A lag of a few minutes could be long enough for you to miss the Goddess of Victory. Mr. Xie’s advice is to be fast enough when you find the target.

6. Jin Zhao: Find the real valuable domain names.

In Jin Zhao’s opinion, the real valuable domain names are those will be used by the end users. Do not waste money one the ones that no one will take at the end.

7. Yongdong Xie: Find your peers among the top-ranking players. Follow the action of the big guys and make some creations by your own.

If you really want to do something in domain investing, please grasp every chance you get to touch the leaders in the circle. Learn the experience from the people who can manifest the market. But never flow the crowd blindly. Analyze the situation with your own thinking.

8. Duan Xu: There are risks in the market. New players need smart pilots.

New players shall first observe the market and learn the rules rather than invest hastily. Start with some cheap domain names to learn by doing. It is the quality rather than the quantity that really matters.

Resource: http://www.amq.com/jingyanjiaoliu/1275.html

Declaration: this is an informative article that do not represent official investing advice, with no intend in misleading readers.Please be open-minded and objective. Welcome varied discussion below.Thanks!
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I'm surprised 域王.com was available for reg. Maybe it translates differently? Heard a lot of this advice from a guy named Rick.about 10-20 years ago. Nice to see it's traveling around the World. ;)
Refreshing with authenticity a new / next dynamics in domaining , thank you awesome advise .