showcase 6D Showcase and Talk. is it the inevitable future term ?


Will 6D be a sure thing for adopted term ?

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  • Yes 6D is 100% going to grow and adopt as a term.

  • No 6D is something no one will care about

  • Maybe, I'll have to look into it.

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So I was watching some Dropcatch pending deletes getting bids, and one was a 6D web in king, Made me dig a bit, and there are some areas that could make it popular, we often here 6th sense,and BIM dimensions are 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, & 6D, 7D
some articles state 6 Sensory factors of
Sight · Taste · Touch · Hear · Smell · Speak. ,
speak is debatable from sense or motor , what are your thoughts ?

A quick google of 6D web , shows companies already branding in 6D term.

With F.B putting skin on robots for sensory interaction, I'm wondering if gaming , metaverse , etc.. will adopt such a term.

My thought's is marketing in tech needs intensity, and I doubt the next 3D is 4D,

They likely will jump straight to 6 ,

Are we early or clueless if anyone agrees ? , Some king key words taken, some available.
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Not sure if this thread will roll, maybe in a year or more, maybe never,

But ill kick it off ,

regged 2 adult , 6D + P*rn , & 6D + [email protected] ,

im still in research mode, but here is a freebie for believers, 6D / Planet is available.

all in Kings as should be. Good Luck all either way.