$ 50,- for a .com with search volume

Labeled as budget: above $1 in Domain Buyer Requests, started by tvanrijt, May 21, 2016


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  1. tvanrijt

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    8:16 AM
    I am interested in a nice domain you don't have time to do outbound on.

    I am willing to spend $1 up to $ 50,- per name, but of course if you would accept a lower price, let me know.

    Rules before sending a name:

    Must be .com
    Must contain only letters (no numbers or hyphens)
    Must have search volume of at least 1k per month
    Must be a name you did not send any outbound emails for

    Delivery in the following format is a plus:

    Domain name: ...
    Registrar: ...
    Expires: ...
    Search volume: ...
    Suggested PPC: ...
    Extensions taken: ...

    I try to reply to all incoming messages.

    I don't need to buy a name, so if I don't like any of them, I won't buy any.
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  2. bowieboiii

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    11:16 PM
    Might you be interested in

    "Wabbit" actually gets 18,100 searches on average, per month. And that's just in the United States...

    Worldwide, it gets 33,100!

    Don't believe me? Check Google AdWords and see for yourself. :)

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