2020 Domain Market Predictions

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    1. I think it’s critically important to understand the difference between Auction and Advertising. Advertising DNs through the Auction (not selling). And when this happens more than twice, it's a sure sign that you're (buyers) just not a priority for advertiser right now.

    1a. Think of micro auction platforms, a Specific niche.

    2. The great thing about the domain aftermarket sale reports is that there’s plenty of $ for everyone. The signs for it happening in 2020+ are not interest-free.

    2a. Think of becoming; Local Agent / Broker. Local people looking for the right agent to guide them through their DN transaction/s. Think globally, act and advertise locally.

    3. Quality over Quantity and Emerging Trends. When the Hype hits the fan and receive mainstream coverage only about 0.01% of domains have any relevant value within a relatively short amount of time.

    3a. If you follow the News, you're too late to the party. Read current science (research) articles and study methodologically and analytically.

    4. Forget about the Startup Brand-able names! It's all about the Scaleup Definition-able names. Learn how investors really make their money.

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