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negotiable 2 Word Brandables & more -

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Gergely Norbert

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the following domain names are for sale. Please send your offers in private message. Thanks! - GoDaddy appraisal: $2,307 - Alter listed

Finance related: (21 years old)

Crypto/NFT related:

Tech related:

Health related:

Others: (13 years old) (21 years old)

Registrars: Porkbun and Namecheap, Dynadot.
Payment: PayPal, Dan, Escrow.

Some of them are well aged, only mentioned the age for the ones i remember, but if needed, can provide age and any other informations. In case you would like to buy the whole portfolio, we can set a deal with a reasonable, lower price, so we both walk away satisfied.
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