15000 subdomains shut down. Domain owners didn't know their domains were being used for online scams

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    GoDaddy Shuts Down 15,000 Subdomains Used for Online Scams, Resets Account Passwords
    Spammers continue to find new ways to lure unsuspecting users on the Web into clicking malicious links or buying illegitimate products. In a recent crackdown, GoDaddy has shut down over 15,000 subdomains linked to spammers. These subdomains were being used to sell fake products. What's interesting here is that the rightful owners of the domain names weren't even aware this was happening
    A subdomain includes a prefix to an Internet domain name which can be directed to an IP address. GoDaddy customers can create up to 100 subdomains per domain name. In his white paper, White explained that the scammers could have tricked millions of users. The report was first spotted by ZDNet.

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