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Domain investing is a challenging business. It takes a considerable amount of time and money to build a domain investment portfolio, and there is no guaranteed success. Domain investing can be a lucrative business, but there is a pretty steep learning curve for most people...
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the names in this article are basically garbage
I actually found the Article quite interesting and Inspiring. I know my personal goal this year was to clear $100K in domain sales after market place commissions and fees, but before renewal expenses.

So far I am off to a decent start for 2022.

I start the year off with $5182.30 after fees / commissions on payment plans from domain sales in 2021, that I will receive this year.

I have had 5 retail sales so far this year for $13,170 gross sales, - $10,429.40 net after commissions / fees. So $15,611.7 net sales income thus far. (Obviously payment plans could default, but all but one have paid more that 50% already so pretty confident they will stay the course). Acquisition costs of 5 domains sold in 2022 so far $80.64

I share all this because my names not probably any better than his from article, but to also say I think it's doable to get there. (3 where closeouts and 2 low priced backorders)
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