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Over the past 10 years, I've acquired 100 .com used car domains featuring US state names or abbreviations. Today, my portfolio covers 49 out of 50 states in the US. You can view my portfolio here.

I have decided to sell the entire domain portfolio, allowing me to focus on other acquisitions. This presents an excellent investment opportunity for a domain investor looking to specialize in a niche and the automotive niche is a great one to focus on. This can allow you to reuse outbound marketing materials, email templates, website and landing page templates, market research, etc. Instead of spreading your efforts out across many different industries you can save yourself time and effort by focusing on one and get better results.

Over the past decade, without actively pursuing outbound sales, I successfully sold six 'used cars' domains, generating a total of $15,960 in revenue. Remarkably, one of these domains, purchased by a used car dealer, was eventually reacquired by me through auction after they allowed it to expire. Additionally, my portfolio has consistently generated Pay-Per-Click (PPC) revenue, though specific tracking was not undertaken. Nevertheless, this PPC income typically covered the cost of renewals for two to three domains each month.

Over the years, my focus has been on consolidating renewal dates to align with the 1st of each month. The objective is to have 7 to 9 domain renewals on the first day of each month, enabling a spread-out approach to managing renewal costs throughout the year rather than facing them all at once. Though I have not completed this process entirely, I have made significant progress, as is evident by my expiration dates. Just a couple years ago I had all the used car domains registered at Epik, but I have been gradually transferring them to Wild West Domains, which grants me the flexibility to modify expiration dates. After a 60-day period, I have been transferring the domains to Cloudflare due to their competitive renewal cost of $9.15 per year for .com domains.

Car Dealers - According to Statista, there are 18,263 new car dealerships and 26,528 used car dealers in the US, making it a lucrative market with plenty of prospective buyers for these domain names.
Dealer Groups - Dealership groups which own multiple rooftops are a great prospective end user for these domain names because they usually share used car inventory amongst their various dealerships. Having a shared used car inventory listing website would be a great way for them to improve their used car sales!
Digital Marketing Companies - Automotive digital marketing companies could make great use out of these domains, it would give them a great opportunity to list their clients' inventories on a website to get them more page views, generate more phone calls, email leads and floor traffic.

Presently, this is the largest individual portfolio of used car domains in the United States. Over the course of my involvement in this domain market, I have set a benchmark retail price of $6,600 for most used car state domains, and this pricing strategy has had a notable impact. Notably, my pricing approach has influenced other domain investors, leading them to raise their prices to align with the established market standard(set by me). As a result, my portfolio has not only become a significant asset but has also played a pivotal role in shaping how the industry prices similar domain names.

Here's a list of used car domains currently in use either as an inventory listing website with multiple dealers, a car dealer website or a digital marketing agency site.

Auto Dealers in the United States - Facts & Statistics

Leading U.S. companies in the field of automotive retailing and services in 2021, based on revenue

Buy it Now: $10,800
Finance at 0% w/ $5,000 down / 12 monthly payments of $483.34
Credit Card: $10,800 + 3.1% Merchant processing fee
ACH: $10,800 + 1.0% Merchant processing fee

I will accept wire transfers, Escrow or Paypal(buyer pays all fees regardless of chosen payment method)

You can view the current whois data for these domains at the following link:


Jonathon Hewitt
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