>>> 100+ Awesome $5 Dot TV Domain Names on Auction!!! <<<

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NOW You can Start ANY Name for
ONLY $5.00!!!

Bid Increments of ONLY $1.00!!!


Start Bids at $5 Each
$1 Bid Increments​

Auction ends 72 hours after the last bid.
Check Whois and if you win and need another year added, you can purchase another year for whatever that registrar charges me.
PayPal Verified
NP Members w/good i-trader feedback.
If you're a new member please pm me first.
I reserve the right to cancel any bids if I think you may be a knucklehead :)


Thank You for all of your bids once again!


NOW You can Start ANY Name for
ONLY $5.00!!!

Bid Increments of ONLY $1.00!!!

NOW You can Start ANY Name for
ONLY $5.00!!!

Bid Increments of ONLY $1.00!!!


Here is my 24 hour update!
Update is also posted at my first Post!

Domains That DO have Bids on them
and are...



CarClub.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! tj1897!
Killer Name - Thousands of CarClubs out there!

CollegePrep.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! tj1897
Every kid needs tons of College Prep!

DesignerWear.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! tj1897
awesome Fashion, Clothing Store, Review, visual domain!

BigDogs.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! tj1897
Hang w/the big dogs - if you dare!

Hotter.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! tj1897
This domain is Hotter than all the others (Girls, Girls, Girls)!

ProgramGuide.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! tj1897
Can it be said any better than this?

UserGuides.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! tj1897
TV directories...

Famiglia.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! bulkdomainz
Family in Italian!

MovieArchive.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! bulkdomainz
Need I say more!

Sommelier.tv $OLD, PAID, $ PUSHED! m-i-k-e
Wine Steward!!!

DiamondStore.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Matty45
Perfect Name...Killer investment grade dot tv here!

Impulsive.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Matty45
Thats me!

Ruthless.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Matty45
Extremely Cool site about Bad A$$es

GourmetStore.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! DigitalFog
Food Sells!

Werewolves.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! DigitalFog
Teen Wolf is coming out!!! remember the Vampire craze???

MusicArchive.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! DigitalFog
Need I say more!

Methane.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! DigitalFogGAS!

Katarina.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! DigitalFogCommon First Name and Geo (Katarina, district in Turku, Finland
Katarina-Sofia borough, borough in central Stockholm)

SantaFeRealEstate.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Jeff OvermanKiller Real estate Geo! GeoRealEstates have proven to be a killer investment in dot tv!

Rooster.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Digitalfog
Visual, Educational, thousands of rooster videos online...Create a Brand!

Cushion.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! DaveCool brand for furniture, bedding, or girls...(Baby's got Back)!!!

Remixes.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! TJ1897
DJ's Videographers, this one is for you!!!

Configure.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! FutureAudio
Killer Keyword!

HotPursuit.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Markhers
Chase... Cars, Criminals, Women!!!

CountrySinger.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Markhers
SUPER HOT DOMAIN HERE!!! the BEST domain for ANY Country Singer! Those 2 kids who just were on the American Idol Finals last week were BOTH Country Singers!

UserGuide.tv Sold, PAID, & PUSHED! TJ1897
TV Directory...

Lemarche.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! BulkDomainzKiller GEO!

Kickboxers.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! BulkDomainzThis name Kicks A$$!!! Get it? LOL

Vivre.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! TJ1897French ("can be a joy of conversation, joy of eating, joy of anything one might do)

Insults.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Matty45
this is a classic...Imagine a video site with nothing but video insults!

Milestones.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! DefaultUser
Each and every little goal in life...

MesotheliomaSymptoms.tv $OLD, PAID, & Waiting for Push Info. BilkDomainz
$26.69 CPC - Unbelievable CPC here!!!

GoldenGate.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! TwoMoon
Geo - Hot Spot!

AirRace.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! TwoMoon
Highly Visual!

MobileInternet.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Matty45
$4.03 CPC - This is the future...or no, It is happpening right now. This is one VERY valuable domain here for this dot tv extension!

PeopleSearch.tv SOLD For $10 - Sent PM! DomainStore
How many of us are being searched out right now...well I want to find their videos!

AirRacing.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! JeffOverman
Highly Visual!

CloudHost.tv $OLD, PAID, and PUSHED! BulkDomainz
Killer investment dot tv domain! Cloud Hosting is all the rage right now

Infamous.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! TJ1897
This auction is Infamous!!! Killer Brandable here, Dont think too long about this one...It WILL be gone fast!

PreSeason.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! BulkDomainz
Killer name for ANY Sport!!!

Elohim.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! Koniprois a grammatically plural word for gods in both modern and ancient Hebrew language.

Corinthia.tv $OLD, PAID & PUSHED! DigitalFogCommon First name

Proverbs.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! DigitalFog
Nothing defines a culture as distinctly as its language, and the element of language that best encapsulates a society's values and beliefs is its proverbs.

ChineseAstrology.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! BulkDomainz
HUGE in Poland!

Cellulite.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! TJ1897
Killer name for women who pay thousands of $$$ to get rid of this crap

MeetingPlanner.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! SiteHQHUGE Business, Imagine Meeting Planners using video now...on YOUR Channel!

MeetingPlanners.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! SiteHQHUGE Business, Imagine Meeting Planners using video now...on YOUR Channel!

HeartAttack.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! SiteHQCould be a shocking type of brandable...or Unfortunately a worldwide epidemic. Do something helpful on this one...maybe a rip site on fast foods or something.

SportsLeague.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! ElBandelero
Any Sports League at all, or all of them!

ChickFlicks.tv - $OLD For $5 - Sent PM! Obulus
I love chicks, and of course because of that, we all have to watch these...Imagine a channel with these programs only...or a review of all chick flicks. I think that would be pretty cool to search chick flicks and end up here!

Hermitage.tv $OLD, PAID, & Pushed! TwoMoon
- noun
1. the habitation of a hermit.
2. any secluded place of residence or habitation; retreat; hideaway.
3. ( initial capital letter ) a palace in Leningrad built by Catherine II and now used as an art museum.

Chanukah.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeChanukah or Chanuka), also known as the Festival of Lights is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem

Clams.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeyep.

FetishWear.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeMy favorite!

IJV.TV $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRhee LLL!!! internet Joint Venture!

Interventions.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeTherapy Online!

Keepsake.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeGift Shop, Antiques, Inheritances...

Mierda.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeGreat Spanish Name!

Mossad.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeThe Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection and covert operations which are suspected to include targeted killings and paramilitary activities beyond Israel's borders, bringing Jews to Israel from countries where official Aliyah agencies are forbidden, and protecting Jewish communities worldwide

Porcupine.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeVisual, Educational, thousands of porcupine videos online...Create a Brand!

Statues.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeI imagine a killer Tourist site on this baby. Every great place in the world has some incredible statues!

SurfWear.tv $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeawesome Fashion, Clothing Store, Review, visual domain!

YIV.TV $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeLLL!!! Your internet Videos!

YOV.TV $OLD, PAID, & PUSHED! MrRheeLLL!!! Your Online Videos!
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$10 for the lot (if the auction is for the lot)

It is not an auction for the "lot" of 100+ domains.

I just edited my O.P. to reflect it is an individual dirt cheap $10 start on EACH domain.

"Start Bids at $10 Each"

Sorry for the confusion.

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$10 each
all $10
Sommelier.tv 12.50
CloudHost ALL $10

Infamous - 12.50

Sommelier - 42.50


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Current Updates at First Post and Post #64
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diamondstore.tv - $15
mobileinternet.tv - $15
impulsive.tv - $15
infamous.tv - $15
ruthless.tv - $15
insults.tv - $15
remixes.tv $15
proverbs.tv $15
chineseastrology.tv $10
preseason.tv $10
gourmetstore.tv $10
Werewolves $10
hotpursuit $10
MusicArchive $10
CountrySinger.tv $10
Methane.tv $10
Insults.tv $20

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Katarina.tv $10
Vivre.tv $10
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