Bob Hawkes

Trees As Brands

By Bob Hawkes, May 6, 2021

Does your portfolio include domain names with tree-related terms?

  1. No

    109 votes
  2. No, but I am thinking of adding some

    22 votes
  3. Yes, although I have not yet sold any

    41 votes
  4. Yes, and I have sold such names in past

    12 votes
Total: 184 vote(s)
  1. Bob Hawkes

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    This is proving very true:
    Does not seem a stretch, except for rose, to me. They are all definitely trees. Sure those trees provide fruit, but that does not change that they are the name of a tree in my mind. I grew up in a rural area, and my late Dad had the foresight to plant many trees on our 2 acres. I remember growing up, each year the trees getting bigger, and seeing the apple, pear, cherry, and plum trees blossum in spring, and fruit growing through summer and picked in early fall, and leaves falling in fall. The once I took my children to Florida, they wanted to pick an orange from a tree. The brands of companies using fruit trees sometimes build on the tree aspect, sometimes the fruit, and sometimes a mix.

    Although there are things called rose trees (rose are grafted to a tree with a long and strong trunk, so you have the beauty of roses and a tree to some degree), I agree rose is maybe a push. I plan to include rose with the forthcoming article on flowers, which I hope will make up for this.

    Perhaps I should have retitled the article to: Analysis of a bunch of names that some people associate with trees, but many do not, but hey they still are good domain names and I think of them as trees personally :xf.grin:

    Seriously, thanks for all of the comments, and to those who shared tree related names they have.


    PS Personally I think I only have 2 domain names involving trees. I own the name maple in the .realty and .best extensions. Maple has special relevance in Canada, with many businesses branding around it, and present in our flag.
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  2. DomainRecap

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    Sold Arbres CA and own the singular, along with some English species.
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  3. Established Member

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    Nicely written article Bob. I'm amazed by your thoughtfulness. Much respect for you.
  4. Recons.Com

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    Bamboo is not a tree, btw ) It is grass )

    I own and
  5. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes Top Member NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    Strictly speaking, that is definitely correct, although in size and overall appearance and in some legislation it is treated like a tree. Here is an article on why it is a grass rather than a tree.
    Thanks for clarification, @Recons.Com
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