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Trees As Brands

By Bob Hawkes, May 6, 2021

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  1. Bob Hawkes

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    Tree names find widespread use in successful brands. Trees are associated with strength, endurance, growth and beauty, so it is not surprising that so many brands are built on tree names.

    The dividing line between trees and other plant forms is not always clear. Many tree names are also associated with a fruit, such as apple or pear, and others also represent a color, such as orange, or a food or taste, such as cinnamon.

    There are a huge number of potential tree names, with just over 60,000 different species of trees according to the GlobalTreeSearch database.

    In this article, I look at what tree terms are most frequently used in business and organization names, and at those common in brandable marketplaces.

    The Tree List

    In a response to the earlier blog post on brand names including animals, @noneisnone suggested an analysis on flowers and plants.

    As a starting point, I requested that NamePros members propose tree and plant names with brandable value. There were diverse and interesting suggestions in that discussion, many including background on the proposed term. Brad Wilson kindly summarized all the contributions into a list of 154 names. That seemed too many to consider together, so I decided to break the list up into three parts: this one on tree-related names, a forthcoming article on flowers as brands, and a final one covering other forms of plants.

    I extracted tree-related domain names from Brad’s summary, and added a few other names, for a starting list. Some names had only one or zero recorded sales, so I excluded them from further analysis. A few others I decided to eliminate from the list because there was an alternative meaning unrelated to a tree. I ended up with the list shown in the next section.

    Corporate Popularity Of Tree Names

    The OpenCorporates site allows one to easily see how many times a term appears in a company name. I restricted my search to active companies only. Keep in mind that the number that appears in OpenCorporates is more than exact matches, also including “formerly known as” names. Also, OpenCorporates includes both business and registered organization names. The results are shown below.


    Among the observations I drew from the analysis:
    1. The vast majority of tree terms get used a lot. Only shrub, raspberry and spearmint had fewer than 1000 listings.
    2. Among the most listed names are tree, rose, oak, pine, orange, and cedar.
    3. The name tree appeared in more than 86,000 listings, while rose had more than 66,000 listings.
    4. While we associate apple with the technology company, it is found in more than 18,000 other listings.
    Sales Of Tree-Related Domain Names

    I used the NameBio database to search for domain name sales related to tree terms. Keep in mind that the NameBio database does not include sales from all of the retail venues, and in particular the brandable marketplaces are not included.

    Some of the names posed significant problems separating tree names from unrelated sales, such as tree from street, oak from cloak, and pine from alpine. I used the do not include ! search feature. A search on tree!street would include sales with term tree but not those that also include street. In other cases, I used prefix and suffix search, rather than simple anywhere. I went through many lists by hand. That said, no doubt the inclusion was not perfect in all terms.

    The graph below shows the dollar volume in sales by term. The dollar volume is probably a better representation of retail sales than the number of sales or average prices.


    BrandBucket Tree-Related Names

    The BrandBucket marketplace currently includes more than 100,000 .com domain names. I searched it for each of the tree names from the list, using the contains refinement in the search. However, in many cases that was not enough, since for example contains oak includes a large number of names with cloak. I therefore went through the lists by hand. The intention of the name is uncertain in some cases, particularly in made-up names. Nevertheless, the following results should fairly represent, for the most part, how often different tree names appear at the BrandBucket marketplace.


    Here are a few observations:
    • The distribution of names at BrandBucket is somewhat different from the popularity of tree terms in company names presented earlier.
    • The terms rose, cherry, leaf, lemon, tree, and oak are particularly well represented at BrandBucket, although no name appeared more than 100 times.
    • One can interpret names that appear often in business names, but not too often at BrandBucket, two ways. On the one hand, that might be viewed as opportunities. Alternatively, they might be an indication of difficulty getting those names accepted at BrandBucket.
    • It is likely that different marketplaces have different selection criteria. That seemed the case for brand names including animals, where the distributions at SquadHelp and BrandBucket were, to some degree, different.
    Current Use Of Great Tree Names In COM

    For the more popular terms from the above list, I had a look at current use of the matching .com domain name. Here is what I found. Active websites are presented with an active link, whereas those with for sale or parking landers do not.
    • is used by the technology giant.
    • is for sale.
    • goes to a parking page.
    • is used by a healthcare financing business.
    • is for sale.
    • is for sale.
    • is the site for the domain name brokerage by that name.
    • is used by Fortune International Realty.
    • is in use by the clothing giant Fruit of the Loom.
    • redirects to HCL Digital a cloud-based digital services company.
    • did not direct to a website the day I checked.
    • is used by OakEngage, a collaborative software business.
    • was recently acquired by Repair Ventures, and from the splash page at, and it looks like the company is rebranding to simply olive.
    • is used by the Orange Group, a global digital services and information company.
    • is the site for the cell phone manufacturer.
    • is the site for Banco Pine, a Brazil based financial services business.
    • is used by Rose Electronics.
    • is used by LendingTree.
    Join The Discussion

    Please add your comments to the discussion below. Also, vote in the associated poll.
    • Feel free to make the case for tree terms not included in the list.
    • Tell us about your experiences selling domain names that include tree names.
    • If you wish, share a few favourite tree-related names from your own portfolio.
    • Those with success selling tree-related domain names, it would be interesting to know the venue where the names sold.
    • What are your thoughts about less common tree names as brands?
    • A surprising number of tree species are local to one region. Do you think that trees found in your region, although not widespread globally, might be good brands in your country code?
    • What about tree names in new extensions or generic country code extensions?
    If you have not already done so, please check out the discussion at tree and plant names with brandable value where you will find interesting background on plant names, and various tree-related names that did not make the list presented here.

    An important aspect not covered by this article is the match between a tree name and the nature of the product or business. Names involving orange or lemon have a different feel from one including oak or maple.

    This article is part of a series. If you missed it, here is the link to the article on brand names including animals. A forthcoming NamePros Blog article will look at flowers in name brands.

    Thanks to all who suggested names in the help request at tree and plant names with brandable value. Special thanks to @noneisnone for suggesting articles on flowers and plants, and to Brad Wilson for going through the many posts and producing a list.

    I would also like to acknowledge OpenCorporates, NameBio and BrandBucket for the datasets used in this analysis.
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  7. Grego85

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    Evergreen probably going to take a hit :lurking:

    I personally dont have any domains like this. Very interesting article though :)
  8. The Durfer

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    I have one tree name dot com. Its the wood they use to make violins. Ty for the article Mr. Bob. :)
  9. Keith DeBoer

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    Nice article. Trees and other natural objects are the particular favorite of old school companies in the finance and insurance space. SunLife, PacificLife, WestCoastLife, BlackRock, SequoiaCapital, GraniteVentures, ThirdRock, OakInvestment, SeedCamp, BlackstoneGroup, CypressGroup,RipplewoodHoldings, RiversidePartners, LakeCapital, LandmarkPartners, SunCapital, SycamorePartners, SilverLakePartners, RiverstoneHoldings, OakHillCapital, OakTreeCapital, CrossHarborCapital, EverStoneGroup, NorthStarGroup and PacificEquity, to name a few.
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  10. Maximinus

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    Who else believes the rose is a tree? LOL
  11. King

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    I had a nice IG account with tree in it, no domains, unfortunately.
  12. jim h

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  13. Bob Hawkes

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    I had this one in mind :xf.grin:

    World's Largest Rosebush
    Tombstone, Ariz
    "The tree officially covers 9,000 square feet, and its gnarled trunk is about 12 feet around. "
    Read more:

    But I agree, most would probably not consider rose bushes as trees :xf.eek: .

    Whatever they are, roses are nice, both in real life and in domains.

  14. perchboy

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    Use of the word 'forest' (i.e., forest glen, forest grove, forest heights) while tree-related, is often overlooked. Another is 'wood/s' with similar application (maple woods, deepwood estates, etc.).
    Last edited: May 7, 2021
  15. CTUXSF

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    Another educational and intriguing article, Bob. Thanks again. Lots to think about.
  16. MapleDots

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    Hey... did you expect anything different from me?
    Last edited: May 7, 2021
  17. Maximinus

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    This is ridiculous!
    Your example is called "World's Largest RoseBUSH"
    It is a man-made structure, wich one can easily tell by the supporting beams.

    "Tree roses are not actually a class of rose but rather a way of growing them. A bush or climbing rose is simply grafted onto a straight trunk, giving the desired treelike appearance
    .",giving the desired treelike appearance.

    I strongly appreciate your work, Bob!
    I am thankful and looking forward to the continuation of your article serie.

  18. BradWilson

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    Thanks @Bob Hawkes for the mention and the excellent report.

    I've been so busy with caregiving tasks and working on my main project that I didn't finish my sort for you -- sorry about that.

    This task is actually a great example for me to use in my project and should make this type of research much easier or at least a whole lot more fun :)

    As for the topic, I really haven't looked at Tree type names but every once in awhile they popup in one of my acquisitions.

    I can't remember any related sales so can't add any interesting old stories sorry again.

    If I do remember anything I'll be sure to make an update.
  19. FolioTeam

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    Thanks, Bob. I was looking forward to this piece and you delivered
  20. Rade Veselinovic

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    I have the following domain related domains

    Best regards
  21. lock

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    Definition: To investigate or explore plant life.

    bot·a·nize (bŏt′n-īz′)
    v. bot·a·nized, bot·a·niz·ing, bot·a·niz·es
    1. To collect plants for scientific study.
    2. To investigate or study plants scientifically.
    To investigate or explore the plant life of (a region).
    Definition: A therapist who heals by the use of herbs.

    Reference: The Herb Society Of America.
    Last edited: May 7, 2021
  22. handpicked

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    The way you write is probably the way you think, the article began so well and then deep dived into amazing insights, being a tree enthusiast myself, liked it. Thanks. b.t.w. Lotus dot com owned by HCL Technologies employs more than 168,000 Engineers across 50 countries and they are one of the top 5 IT companies in India.
    Last edited: May 7, 2021
  23. FMy

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    Thanks for this nice and informative article @Bob Hawkes

    However, I'd say because of the addition of the names such as Bamboo, Fruit, Lemon, Leaf, Lotus, Rose etc. it would've been better if the title was Plants as Brands. Just my humble opinion.

  24. b2betrade

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    i have
  25. Linorth

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    so are we calling fruits and flowers, trees now?

    apple, coconut, rose, cherry, orange.. seems a bit of a stretch to use the term "tree" for describing these, no?
    do we even have a rose tree?!
  26. blogspotter

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    I got MapleLeaf . tv :)
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  27. jhm

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    If its, I'm all for it
  28. Kuffy

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    I own which is is for sale via Dan

    Also, I own, and I hope to use that to try to help reverse the destruction of out trees.
  29. Simpsonrocket

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    Nice post @Bob. Tree signifies life, health, growth .... I have greenarborist .com tonictree .com and greenbitters .com
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