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Zero Knowledge: A blockchain term triggers new domain registrations; Abandon your domains, or sell them in a firesale? Kings and Gods: dot .com as a powerful extension; Industries most profitable to sell domains to; The supply side of domain name pricing.

ZK (Zero Knowledge) Names - Discussion.
Zero-knowledge technology is a subset of cryptography assisting blockchain projects overcome scaling and privacy limitations. It's getting traction among the domain industry investors, that share their latest related registrations and sales. Find out if it's a hot trend!

Topic by @iDat

Abandon versus Selling your unwanted domain names.
What should one do with unwanted domain names? There are two apparent options: Drop them, or sell them. Some might have traffic or backlinks but perhaps zero interest to buy. Should the registrant hold a "firesale" instead of dropping? Join the discussion.

Topic by @MonkeyShines

Kings and Gods; The power of an extension.
It's no secret that .com is king and the most sought-after TLD on the internet. This discussion does not attempt to dispute that, it seeks constructive feedback about how exactly is .com able to evolve into a world with an ever-changing technological infrastructure.


Which industries are most profitable for selling domain names to?
The beauty of domain name investing stems from the fact that there is an endless supply of buyers from a wide variety of industries. Find out which industries domain investors concentrate on, to maximize sales.

Topic by @Karlp295

What am I missing on the supply side of domain pricing?
Domain names don't sell themselves; the investors holding these assets may have difficulty liquidating them at expected prices. What is the strategy to follow when holding such assets too long can interfere with one's ability to get sales? Find out by joining this discussion.

Topic by @smartynames

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