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Top Topics: Your Biggest Mistakes In Domaining?; Selling My First Domain on 4.CN...

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    In this week's Top Topics, we are looking at what the domain community can do to become more credible in the eyes of end users, we see what the biggest mistakes of investors are, and a domainer analyses HugeDomains.com's recent purchases at GoDaddy.

    Here's this week's Top Topics.

    What Can The Domain Community Do To Become More Credible?

    In the eyes of some businesses and certain media outlets, the domain industry is seen as a seedy, exploitative business. If a domain name transaction is covered in the media, the report usually mentions the term cybersquatter. This may come from a lack of education with regards to domains, but what can we do as an industry to be seen as more credible?

    This discussion is talking about that very point. It’s a very interesting topic, and it’s great to see the community actively discussing it. What are your thoughts? Have your say in the comments.

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

    What Are Your Biggest Mistakes In Domaining So Far?

    Every domain investor makes mistakes, but it’s how we learn from those mistakes that can have an effect on our success. Some mistakes and failures have been documented in the past. Andrew Rosener (@SeafoodMan), for example, talked about his “expensive education” in domain names, after losing $300,000 in his first three years as a domain investor before ultimately building an incredible portfolio of names.

    Here, domainers are sharing their own mistakes in a fascinating discussion that embraces failure in a constructive way.

    Topic by: @Michael Ehrhardt

    HugeDomains.com Buys Over 50% of Expiring Domains at GoDaddy

    This is a riveting read, which has been well researched and well written by this domain investor. According to @Arca, there’s a clear pattern of a GoDaddy account entering auctions as one of the last bidders, and winning that auction more often than not. After looking up WHOIS details for 150 completed domain auctions at GoDaddy, 84 were owned by HugeDomains.com, a company that owns a portfolio consisting of hundreds of thousands of names.

    With the expired domain market heating up thanks to a higher level of competition than ever, how do you buy your domains?

    Topic by: @Arca

    Selling My First Domain With 4.CN

    4.CN is one of China’s largest domain name marketplaces. Currently owned by eName, 4.CN caters to China’s desire to acquire short and Pinyin domain names from all over the world. Many Western domain investors have bought or sold domains through this platform with great success.

    This week, an investor has shared the details of their first ever sale at 4.CN. It occurred after receiving an email from 4.CN, notifying the domain owner that they had a buyer who was interested in acquiring a name. It looks as though the domain has been sold for a high three figure US Dollar price.

    Read the full story in the discussion, linked to above.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    My Fifteen Year Old, One-Word .COM Expired. Should I Let It Go?

    One word domain names are usually fairly valuable, and are often sought after by both investors and end-users. After fifteen years of ownership, this investor let a one-word .COM domain name expire, and is in two minds as to whether to try to retrieve the domain.

    According to GoDaddy, where the domain name was registered, the domain name is “high value”, but the owner will need to pay a fee of $95 to retrieve the name. Should this investor do that, or is there another way to retrieve the name?

    Topic by: @onewordonly

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