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Top Topics: What's Your Domain Score?; .APP Cross Zone Analysis...

By James Iles, May 18, 2018
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    In this week's Top Topics, a domain investor encounters a difficult situation when their domain name is sold almost simultaneously at two different domain marketplaces. Elsewhere, we take a look at an engaging analysis of the new .APP domain extension and a domainer shares their latest £2,500 brandable sale with the community.

    The Same Domain Sold at Afternic and Sedo

    Many domain investors list their names at multiple marketplaces to give maximum exposure to their domains. Afternic and Sedo are two of the largest marketplaces with thousands of names sold at each marketplace every month.

    Here, an investor is in a tricky situation after a domain name sold at a Sedo auction and almost simultaneously sold at Afternic for the "buy now" price. What would you do to keep all parties happy in this situation?

    Topic by: @medomain


    A .APP/.COM Cross-zone Analysis

    On May 8th, 2018, the .APP domain name became available for public registration. Since then, over 200,000 .APP names have been registered. The extension has also been praised by domain investors such as @Rick Schwartz.

    In this discussion, a domainer has released an interesting cross-zone file analysis of .APP and .COM to compare domain registrations in both extensions. The conclusions are fascinating and provide evidence-based reasoning against blindly registering .APP domains.

    Topic by: @Kate

    I Sold Vandini.com for £2,500

    Every week, investors inform the community of their recent sales. This week, a British investor revealed their £2,500 ($3,378) sale of the brandable Vandini.com domain. The sale, which took place via the Undeveloped.com marketplace, represents a nice return on investment for the domainer who purchased the name around two and a half years ago for $335.

    As of writing, the identity of the new owner isn't known. From a quick Google search, one possible end user immediately stands out. Vandini Shoes, a London footwear company, currently using VandiniShoes.com would likely make great use of the name.

    Topic by: @AuthorityDomains

    The Domain Score List

    When finding domains to acquire, do you go on instinct alone or do you fully research the name? Whichever method you use to find your domains, this inventive scoring system will help to confirm which names you should be buying and which you should be leaving well alone.

    This scoring system was created by a domain investor using a series of points based on various criteria such as the name's keyword popularity. It's an innovative system that can be referred to before buying any domain.

    Topic by: @Dave

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