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Top Topics: Sold for $15,000; My Afternic Experiment Results for July...

By James Iles, Aug 12, 2020
  1. Slightly late, this is Top Topics from last week, covering stories from the week commencing Monday August 3rd, 2020. These stories include the sale of the domain for $15,000, the revelation of the domain purchase price, and AbdulBasit Makrani's Afternic experiment results for July. Sold for $15,000

    Domain investor @Ammudamus is a prolific .TV investor who has previously sold numerous one-word .TV domains for four and five-figure fees. Here, they have revealed another five-figure sale, that of for $15,000.

    The sale took place via Uniregistry, and according to NameBio, the domain will rank as the third-largest .TV sale of 2020. As of writing, the domain resolves to a default Uniregistry landing page.

    Topic by: @Ammudamus

    I Sold a Domain, But It Has a 60 Day Lock

    This is a common problem that has been experienced recently by this investor. Described in this discussion is the story of a domainer's recent sale that occurred via the Afternic platform. Unfortunately, the investor needs to transfer the domain to Afternic, but the domain is under ICANN's standard 60-day lock period.

    What is the best way to resolve this issue? Many domainers have offered their advice based on similar happenings.

    Topic by: @ShawnTeo Purchased for $42,000

    Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur with three successful company exits under his belt. Like many leading entrepreneurs, Dan has his own podcast in which he interviews other entrepreneurs. In a recent episode, Dan interviewed the founder of Notarize, Patrick Kinsel.

    Notarize owns and operates the domain name. How much was it acquired for? According to the recent episode linked to in this discussion, the name was acquired for $42,000. He had also previously acquired for a similar amount.

    Topic by: @Michael Daigle

    My Afternic Experiment: July Results

    We have featured AbdulBasit Makrani's Afternic experiement ever since he decided to undertake it in January. Essentially, AbdulBasit decided to switch providers from Uniregistry to Afternic to test whether his sales volume on his vast portfolio would be affected.

    In his July results, AbdulBasit reveals that this was his worst month for domain sales at Afternic. With just three sales occurring, his numbers are well down compared to previous months.

    Topic by:

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    Thanks again James for compiling the Top Topics of the week.

    Always appreciate the collective top topics list!

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    Thanks for another good round of topics and extended sharing of my experience. Though I didn't had the best month of this year but still an okay month. I believe things will get better in coming months.
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