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Top Topics: The Downfall of Domaining?; Another Two Letter .COM Sale is Reported...

By James Iles, Jun 17, 2016
  1. Last week, we brought you news of the sale of Today, another two letter .COM domain has been sold, and again, the buyer is in China. The name in question is, which was owned by a company based in Vancouver, WA and sold to a Chinese investor that also owns an impressive portfolio full of other two and three letter .COM domains.

    No details of this sale have been released, but If I had to guess, I'd say that this name has been sold for around $900,000.This news is courtesy of George Kirikos, who estimates that 21.7% of all two letter .COMs are now owned in China.

    Here's this week's Top Topics.

    How Should GoDaddy Pay Non-US Members?

    GoDaddy's @Joe Styler has asked for opinions on how non-US customers should be paid. Currently, for many non-US customers that sell domains at GoDaddy, you'll have the option to be paid via wire or cheque.

    Would you like to see more options, such as PayPal, being introduced for non-US customers? Would it encourage you to use GoDaddy's services more?

    Topic by: @Joe Styler

    The Downfall of Domaining?

    Has an influx in new TLDs caused a downfall in domaining? Is the larger pool of available domain names reducing the value of domains across the board? This is the question posed by one investor this week.

    The amount of domains available has increased, but businesses are generally still interested in, and see the value of, premium names. Thanks to Jamie Zoch on Twitter, we read daily about the companies that are upgrading their domains.

    These are companies that see the value in owning a premium .COM domain, and whilst these companies are buying names, there will be a domain industry. Let's also not forget the Chinese market and their growing power!

    Topic by: @artstar

    Showcase Your .Store Domain

    This week, the .store TLD has been released, and finished with over 22,000 registered domains after the first day.

    A discussion has subsequently started about the domain names that investors have registered themselves. Some of the best domains shared include and

    What is your opinion on this new TLD?

    Topic by: @A G CHAUDHARI

    Is Registering "Trump" Domains a Good Idea?

    Presidential candidate Donald Trump has become one of the most recognisable people around the world, thanks to his campaign to become America's next president. Naturally, the amount of domains that include his name have increased recently.

    A story was published last week about one domain owner rejecting a $43,000 offer for Is it ever right to register domains that infringe on a famous person's name?

    Topic by: @Avtar629

    Which Domain Would You Choose to Brand Your Business?

    The domain name P.TV is being auctioned off at the moment, and one investor has asked a very good question. Between P.TV and PTV.COM, which would you use to brand your business?

    Opinion is divided on this, with a definite split between those that prefer the one-letter .TV and those that would use the .COM name. During this discussion, one investor revealed that he rejected a $350,000 offer for a name very similar to PTV.COM.Which domain would you use?

    Topic by: @owntype

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