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Top Topics: Sells for $8,500; Does the Number of Offers Indicate a Domain's Value?...

By James Iles, Nov 22, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, a prolific .TV domainer shares their latest .TV sale, which ranks as the ninth-largest publicly-disclosed .TV sale of 2020. We also discuss domain value to see if there is a correlation between the number of low offers you receive and that domain's value. Elsewhere, an investor is looking for financing offers on a $50,000 sale. Sells for $8,500

    Domain investor @Ammudamus is back with another .TV domain sale. This time, it’s a four-figure sale of, a common single-word name with a wide variety of potential uses. According to the discussion, the domain sale was facilitated by a Uniregistry broker.

    As of writing, the identity of the new owner of isn’t known. WHOIS shows the new owner is based in Delaware, but there are few clues beyond that. The sale of will rank as the ninth-largest publicly-disclosed .TV sale of 2020.

    Topic by: @Ammudamus

    Is the Number of Low Offers an Indicator of Domain Value?

    The majority of domain portfolio owners will know that inbound inquiries regularly lead nowhere. Even if an offer is presented, it’s often far below your own valuation of the domain. But is that inbound offer worth considering from an appraisal perspective?

    This discussion asks whether the number of low offers received is an indicator of a domain’s value. Is there some correlation between offers and worth? Does a larger number of low offers signify that your name is popular and therefore valuable?

    Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

    What Is Your .COM Leak Story?

    Unfortunately, some companies are painfully aware of the damaging effects of a .COM leak. A .COM leak can be defined as a situation in which a company doesn’t own its exact-match .COM domain, perhaps relying instead on a .CO, .IO, or another extension.

    A .COM leak can lead to lost traffic, emails going awry, and general confusion among some potential customers. Here, investors are sharing stories of their encounters with .COM leaks from a consumer perspective.

    Topic by: @winst

    You Need to Do More Than Glance at Sales Data

    Investor and publisher at TLDInvestors and TheDomains, Raymond Hackney (@equity78), has shared what could be a very valuable piece of advice. That advice is to do more than just glance at sales data that we as domainers likely read daily on sites such as NamePros, NameBio, or Twitter.

    The possible consequences of simply glancing at sales data could be hastily acquiring or registering bad domain names simply because a similar name sold for a significant amount. If you currently just glance at sales data, why not put Raymond's advice into practice and delve deeper?

    Topic by: @equity78

    How Do I Get Domain Financing on a $50,000 Sale?

    Here’s a unique situation. The owner of a domain name has a deal in place to sell a domain name for $50,000, but there’s one problem. The buyer has $25,000 available and needs to finance the other $25,000.

    Rather than using a lease-to-own structure, the seller wants the full $50,000 upfront, so financing is needed. What options do the parties have in what is seemingly a time-sensitive deal? An interesting side note is that this was a hand registered name, so if this closes, it will be an incredible return on investment.

    Topic by:

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    These are all excellent topics this week.

    With my chaotic life, I'm beginning to realize just how important your posts are for me to get back on track with my NP reading.

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    This expresses perfectly my own feeling! Even though I spend a lot of time here, your weekly compilation is key to my NamePros reading @James Iles Thank you so much (and for mentioning one of the minimum offer threads in this issue).
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