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Top Topics: for $100,000, Is It Cheap?; Performing Outbound Sales on LinkedIn...

By James Iles, Feb 3, 2019
  1. This week was the final NamesCon in Las Vegas before it heads to Austin next year. Whilst it was the last Las Vegas NamesCon, 2019 also my first. I would like to publicly thank the NamePros staff and members for making me feel very welcome. If you are in two minds about going to the NamesCon 2020 global event in Austin, I would absolutely recommend going. It’s a concentrated learning and networking experience like no other.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    Creating Your Own Landing Pages

    After a less than satisfactory experience with a marketplace, this investor opted to design their own landing page. The page, tested on a three-letter domain, showed a custom built Wix web page up until around an hour before this article was published.

    Asking for feedback, this domainer questions whether it is advantageous to design custom landing pages or whether it's best to use landing pages from existing outlets such as Uniregistry, Undeveloped or Efty.

    Topic by: @Crypto King

    namepros.jpg for $100,000. Is It Cheap?

    Recently, a leading domain broker announced that the domain name's price had been reduced to $100,000. This move has initiated a debate about the value of the name, and whether $100,000 for is a steal for an end user.

    Trend domain names can be popular, but they can have a limited period of time where they're valuable. For example, sold for $29,100 in 2015, but the name took a huge loss and sold for just $8,200 in January 2019.

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    Outbound Sales Via LinkedIn?

    The business social network LinkedIn can be a valuable resource for building your professional contact list, which could provide you with more sales or acquisition opportunities. But is it ever effective for outbound domain sales?

    Outbound marketing is a proactive approach to domain sales that can produce income without waiting for end users to inquire on a domain. This discussion debates the effectiveness of LinkedIn as a venue for outbound sales.

    Topic by: @Bohdan

    Poll: Which Domain Name Should I Buy?

    Epik has built a very popular registrar, marketplace and hosting company for domain investors in particular. Innovative solutions such as Epik Forever, where you can register your domain to Epik forever, have proved popular with domainers.

    Here, Epik CEO Rob Monster is looking for a brand name for a new WHOIS site, which will be developed by Epik. Rob is asking the community to vote on the best domain for the project, with currently leading the way.

    Topic by: @Rob Monster Potentially Stolen

    Short domain names are prime targets for theft. Thanks to their strong liquid value, three character domains can easily be resold by thieves within a matter of hours for a four-figure fee.

    According to DomainIQ, the domain moved away from a LLC account late last year and landed in a Chinese account. Investor @ninjadomain spoke with the previous owner, who stated that they never received a transfer request. This would lead to a suspicion that the domain is potentially stolen.

    Topic by: @ninjadomain

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