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Top Topics: Sells for $904,000; How Do You Manage 1,500 Domains?...

By James Iles, Mar 28, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, George Kirikos uncovers the $904,000 sale of, acquired by Recursion Pharmaceuticals. Elsewhere, a domain owner needs advice on managing a portfolio of 1,500 domain names, and we share a cautionary tale of an accidental $3,488 domain name purchase.

    How Do You Manage 1,500 Domains?

    Some domain name investors may own tens or hundreds of domain names, but many are operating portfolios totaling thousands of domain names. When you have so many domain names, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do to generate revenue.

    Here, the owner of a 1,500 portfolio of domain names is asking for advice on monetizing the domain names. Would parking, development, or pure domain sales be the preferable option?

    Topic by: @FrasierCrane

    A Cautionary Tale

    A domain investor has shared a cautionary tale of an accidental $3,488 purchase. While browsing, this domainer found a four-letter .COM domain at SnapNames and placed a backorder on that name.

    The next day, the domainer received an email confirming the $3,488 purchase of this four-letter .COM. According to the discussion, it's easy to inadvertently buy a domain name at SnapNames for a "buy now" price rather than simply submitting a backorder bid.

    Topic by: @Edcy

    My 3 Years in Domaining

    This investor has taken the decision to leave domaining, but not before candidly sharing details of their overall experience as a domain investor along with a list of sales. The investor focused on quick flips and managed to make a $6,000 profit as a domainer.

    The discussion includes a long list of the investor's domain sales including both the losses, such as a $40 acquisition sold for $5 and a $45 domain sold for $650.

    Topic by: @Truespin Domains Changed Hands for $904,000

    Domain investor George Kirikos has a long track record of discovering six- and seven-figure domain sales via SEC filings. Recently, Kirikos uncovered the $503,000 sale of, and now he's back with another find.

    According to a recent SEC filing, Recursion Pharmaceuticals acquired the domain name in December 2020 for $904,000. Kirikos also mentions in this discussion that Recursion Pharmaceuticals raised $239 million in a September 2020 funding round. The company has recently filed to go public.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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