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Top Topics: Sold for $720,000; Ten Mistakes New Investors Make...

By James Iles, Sep 13, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we feature a six-figure, three-letter .COM sale, and there's a general discussion about disclosing domain sales data. Elsewhere, a seasoned domainer comes up with a list of ten mistakes made by new investors, and just how do you come up with ideas for hand registration domains?

    How Do You Come Up With Hand Reg Domains?

    Hand registration, the practice of finding available domains and registering them, can be a lucrative practice if you know what you’re doing, turning $8 registrations into three- or four-figure sales. Alternatively, it can be disastrous if you lack the skills to effectively find those undiscovered gems.

    In this discussion, an investor has asked the community for ideas about how to come up with ideas or create a formula to find and register domains with potential for resale.

    Topic by: @abstractdomainer

    Ten Mistakes New Investors Make

    New domain investors often come into the industry with energy and enthusiasm, which can result in some terrible purchases and some poor, uninitiated decision making. Educational programs such as DNAcademy help to accelerate the learning process, but you can certainly educate yourself.

    Discussions like this may help. Here, a seasoned investor has compiled a list of ten typical mistakes that new investors often make. Bookmark this discussion if you’re a new domainer!

    Topic by: @johnn Sold for $720,000

    Up until now, the largest publicly disclosed domain sale of the year was for $614,940, but that has now been beaten by a sale disclosed by investor @Keith. The domain in question is, and the reported sales price is $720,000.

    According to WHOIS, the new owner is from China, but we are yet to learn what the name will be used for. It’s an impressive return on investment for @Keith who reportedly acquired the name a couple of years ago for the equivalent of $50,000 in bitcoin.

    Topic by: @Keith

    Are You Pricing Your Domains Too Low?

    This week, an investor observed that many domains are being priced too low in their opinion, but is it a common occurrence? According to the discussion, this may be something that many investors have noticed.

    Are investors generally undervaluing their domain names when it comes to retail prices? This is a very subjective matter but it certainly deserves some thought and discussion.

    Topic by: @passini

    Domain Sales. To Share, or Not to Share?

    This week, we’ve seen a high six-figure sale shared with the community in, but sharing isn’t a common occurrence. Domain investors such as Braden Pollock have a policy of sharing their domain sales as it helps the community in general to offer comparable data.

    But many domainers don’t share at all. This in depth discussion offers several viewpoints to sharing their domain sales data. Do you share data?

    Topic by: @TauseefKhan

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  7. Bob Hawkes

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    Nice selection of topics again this week, @James Iles Thank you. Was great to see the Nas sale - maybe next week we will set another record for year and finally have a sale hit million mark.

  8. Keith

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    $1 million plus is a huge challenge. It’s only feasible if you paid $xxx,xxx or more just to acquire the asset. The other scenario is that you had the foresight to register a domain decades ago and hold it, despite many offers along the way.

    Out of millions of sales, only a select few hit 7 figures. Such a tough target to achieve!
  9. Bob Hawkes

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    Yes very true. Over the years on NameBio just 125 out of 2.2 million sales. Rick and others have pointed out not yet one reported on NameBio in 2020. Apparently according to chatter on social media the GD/Uni/Afternic curated sales list when finally released in October will have one. Congrats again on fantastic NAS sale.
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    Some nice and interesting topics. Thanks for sharing!
  11. invirzone

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    thank for this nice article .
    so about sharing the sale , i think the most who wants to keep it private is the buyer . and some buyers confirme the sale under a contract agree by the seller .

    so , what the negative effect in case of sharing ?
  12. blogspotter

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    Nice curation, Thanks James
  13. TauseefKhan

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    thanks a lot james
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2020
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    This time all topics, without exception, are interesting. Great selection and thanks a lot for sharing!
  17. WatchDogue

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    Thanks for compiling the Top Topics James, always helpful!
  18. Top 4L [email protected] VIP Gold Account

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    It's a great domain name,
    It's a great price
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