Sharing or Not Sharing Domain Sales

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    “I don’t really share the domain names I sell or sales prices of domain names” Elliot Silver

    Sharing a domain name sale is a philosophy that says ‘lets everybody knows you’re making sales.' In Domain Investing there are investors who can be divided into 4 groups in terms of sales reporting:

    • 1)Those who share every sale they make
    • 2)Those who don’t share any of their sales
    • 3)Those who share it partially
    • 4) Those who share the amount sold for but not the domain name!
    Well, here are some reasons domain investors or sellers don’t want to share their domain sale

    NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement – The buyer of the domain name binds the seller with an NDA to not make public the sale agreement. In such cases, the seller obviously has to follow the NDA clause.

    Idea Protection: Elliot Silver says that he doesn’t share a sale because by sharing a sale someone gives an idea to other investors on what is selling in the market. And, as a result, the original seller may miss the opportunities to register more names related to that sale. Also, he includes outbound reasons. Click Link

    Negative Influence: There are lots of investors small, medium, and big in the domain space. Some investors feel that sharing a sale may make emotional somebody who is struggling to make a sale.

    Making Money: Some investors like to keep it private the amount of money they are making through domain investing. Due to privacy and security issues, they just don’t want to blast the news through the roof that they are making tons of money in domain investing.

    Security and Privacy: The more you share your domain sales openly and publicly the more security and privacy issues you may experience. So sellers in the domain investing which comes from every part of the world – set their own preferences when it comes to sharing or not sharing domain name sales

    Other Reasons: What we regularly see on Namebio and DNJournal and Namepros Forum is just the tip of the iceberg. That means there are plenty of domain name sales that go unreported and reasons are hard to find.

    Ignorant Sellers: It is my thinking that people may still be buying a domain and selling it. And, not at all using any reporting platforms. They just don’t know there exist; or to report their domain sales. Because they maybe not regular domain investors. But, struck the domain deal with someone.

    Barter System: Sometimes we may have to assume that domain name sales are not occurring on a cash basis. Someone may be offering in return something and sale are happening. For example, a businessman may offer a website designer a good domain name and in return ask for his business website development.

    If you're not sharing for reasons not included above then please share it.

    I emphasize if not all some domain name sales everyone should think to share so the domain name industry as a whole gets the benefit out of it.
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    some will take a share and run with it like it's their share
    then some will take a share and exploit it to death
    some will take a share and the interrogations.... will make you wish you didn't
    some will share and share and share and share and then stop
    then you be wondering why?
    some will take the shares and make you pay to utilize what's been shared
    some will encourage you to share, but don't have anything pertinent to share, in return.
    some have a lot to share, but just don't know how to share it
    some will share with some people, but won't share with others
    some shares, don't need to be shared.


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    @biggie good points! The post is just to highlight some reasons. Thanks for commenting!
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    Elliot Silver Don't share he's sales While he published other people sales on he's blog. That's kind of selfish, Though he buy and reg domains based on domains sales data reported and all domainers use this Data. imagine there is no DNjournal or nambio ..etc or any domain sales reports !! its will be very hard for domainers to make money without it.

    But I respect he's decision atleast he admit it.

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  5. TauseefKhan

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    @coolhands Thanks for commenting.
    And, really thanks to DNjournal and Namebio for helping us understand the sales. And bloggers like Elliot who regularly share their views and thoughts to make us good in terms of domain investing.
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    There was a time years ago that SEDO produced quarterly sales reports. I wish Godaddy could at least produce a summarized report of number of sales and median sales price by TLD and perhaps could add number of characters. That would be useful without divulging NDA data.
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    I'm under the belief that if we're all here to learn, it's very difficult to improve our strategy and increase our sales if everyone is sharing ideas and theories, but no actual sales numbers. That's the reason why I share most of my sales.

    In my opinion, if Rick & Mike can share, anyone can share.

    Sure, it may affect buy prices in some situations, but it will likely affect sell prices by a far greater percentage. Your $20k domain will look a lot better sitting next to other $20k domains than it would next to a bunch of similar names priced at $2k.
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    I never share the sales exactly on some type of customers, cause I sell more domain name to business owner's on SEO agreement and protect them from their competitor to adapt our online marketing strategy
  9. D Haynes

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    Past sales don't play a factor in the names I buy or the price I buy them for. They literally have no impact on my domaining so it doesn't really bother me if people share them or not.
  10. Rich

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    Same here, I look at the name itself and rarely reinvest in the same niche/category. My names are all over the board so I don't mind sharing unless I'm developing.
  11. Bob Hawkes

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    I agree that even a summary could be useful for some purposes. Without the Afternic and Uniregistry sales data we are missing a big part of the sales. I guess they are going to post a tiny list (20 names?) of a few sales, several months after fact, but a list of the overall sales volume and breakdown would be more valuable.
  12. bmugford

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    I share some sales, that might be relevant to the discussion. However, I personally am not going to share all sales for a number of reasons including -

    1.) In the past when I shared more sales I had other domainers spam buyers with similar domains.

    2.) I don't really like the bragging aspect of it. It also doesn't make an end user feel great when they see a thread where you are talking about selling a $50 investment for $5,000.

    3.) Privacy reasons. My business is not everyone's business.

    4.) Increase competition. While this is not a factor for most formats, there are specific types of domains in niche markets where it does matter.

    As far as people who say they make sales, then hide behind a NDA, it is complete and utter nonsense.

    I have made thousands of domain sales in almost every price range, and the actual amount of NDA I have signed would fit on one hand. People are not signing NDA for low dollar sales.

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    I personally share most of my sales. It would be nice if more domainers would start sharing.
  14. Avijit Roy

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    I know people who share 100% of their sales.

    I know people who only shares some of their sales.

    I also know people who do not share their sales.

    It depends on how you view, i have deep respects for people who shares their sales, because thats how i learnt about domains.
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  15. CraigD

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    IMO a sale is an agreement between a buyer and seller, and no one else's business.
    If I sell you my house or car, would you like me to then go publishing those sale details on a public forum?
  16. johnn

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    There is not a single good reason to share.
    Past sale information does not guaranty future pricing.
  17. Jimmysun

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    Sharing a good sale is totally good for domain industry and market.
    BUT, when you told a very tiny secret you will find markets influenced, so unless you holding some of them, DON'T.
  18. karmaco

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    I have shared some but would never share all for various reasons.

    Too many copycats and people who will try to hit up/spam your buyer with similar names. Or if its a huge sale, spam you to buy.

    This is a very competitive industry and there are many more eyes on the public info than just the people who participate here. Plus when you share the same damn questions are asked over and over on that report your sales thread even if you say no further details.

    I appreciate most reports but its more about how a platform is doing than just the names. That kind of info (platform performance) is equally if not more valuable than the actual names. Its also helpful to see what niches are thriving and keywords which is why some people may not report. 🤣

    To be honest, I don’t really care about low dollar sales and have never reported those. But to each their own.

    I agree with Brad there is sort of a bragging element to it that can be off putting. Like kissing and telling.
  19. biggie

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    i was domainer before either of them were created.
    in fact, i remember when Ron created a post, when he was looking for a domain for that publication.

    sure, they are pertinent to the community now,
    but money was made prior to their existence.
    as domainers were buying and selling domain names on forums and boards.
    and somebody, decided to write, accumulate, compile and publish articles and data, about that activity..... just as other sites do now.

    but, if there was no reporting, would that mean sales and purchases, weren't happening?

    just saying......

  20. tonyk2000

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    Just Imho-

    Possible reasons not to report sales:

    - NDA

    - Being too busy

    - Not seeing how it would benefit own business

    - Seeing how it may harm the business (For example: oh, he sold blah-blah dot something. He knows his job. What other niches he is in? Let me also try...)

    Possible reasons to report sales:

    - Being a domain marketplace (needs to be promoted!)

    - Need to satisfy an ego. Also,
    Compensation (psychology): In psychology, compensation is a strategy whereby one covers up, consciously or unconsciously, weaknesses, frustrations, desires, or feelings of inadequacy or incompetence in one life area through the gratification or (drive towards) excellence in another area,

    - Being a good Samaritan - dedicating time and efforts to support third party platforms like dnjournal or namebio, and/or trying to make the industry better by educating potential buyers.

    - Being NP member who elected to participate in a friendly "Report Completed Domain Name Sales Here"

    I started domaining almost 20 years ago. Never made sales public. No plans to. Reasons - all the above from part1 (NDAs are not statistically significant though, barely remember last time I had to sign something like this). If some marketplace reports my sales among others let it so be, but I will optout where possible. Do I review sales reports by dnjournal etc.? Yeah, why not. Would not harm. As a curiosity, not as a basis for business decisions...
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    Communicating a sale can be both at the same time, advantageous and disadvantageous, one has to weigh up.
  22. WatchDogue

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    In the late 1990s I " burned myself a bit " by naively and errantly sharing some acquisition data and sales data and I was smart enough to learn the lesson that " silence is golden ".

    I was, I am and, I always will be a miniscule domainer in the vast ocean of domain name acquisitions, portfolio holdings and domain sales. The domain world would really not be overall enriched by my data nor would my data inspire others.

    I have occasionally seen some of my domains sold listed in reported sales data by the selling platform and thats' fine of course - it provides the general domain marketplace with some info and I per se do not get spammed by pseudo-sellers offering their ignorant knock-off names.

    With full accreditation to Brad - his points 3 and 4 are a nice summary of my personal viewpoints on the general matter of " sharing".

    I do appreciate and admire all those who share and those great sites that publish shared info.
  23. PatrickV

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    Very interesting topic imo.

    I never publish domains at forums/the internet.

  24. Daniel Owens

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    Im glad that 98.1% of domainers share both the price and domain sold in public for all too see. That is amazing info and I am happy so many share the domain and trade secrets.
  25. PatrickV

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    I'm in for 5 or 6 figures sales.

    Most of that buyers use NDA and want discretion, lawyers can be also involved.

    It may cost me a bit of ROI.

    My domains must become big brands, easy to remember. I believe that's possible.

    Half cash/half shares/options in the company can increase my value in future (if you want to take a risk, have patience and if you can sell them for good price), be creative, someone experience or advice about this payment options?


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