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Top Topics: NamesCon Happy Hour Meetup; The Results of My First Year In Domaining...

By James Iles, Jan 6, 2017
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    Welcome to the first Top Topics of 2017. This is a bumper edition, covering the most interesting and thought provoking discussions of the past two weeks in the domain name community. We'll start with four topics from last week, followed by four from this week.

    Last Week

    NamePros Gave Away Two Free Tickets To NamesCon

    NamesCon 2017 is expected to be one of the largest events within the domain industry’s calendar. The conference will be held between January 22nd and January 25th in Las Vegas.

    Last week, NamePros teamed up with to give away three free tickets to the event. The contest involved participants playing’s app “The Domain Game”. Each correct answer submitted through The Domain Game represented a raffle ticket for the prize draw.

    On New Year’s Eve, the three winners were revealed as Robert Hascall, Yaffa and Aline.

    Topic by: @Michael

    Is It Worth Continuing This Negotiation?

    One of the hinderances of performing outbound sales is that very often, potential buyers do not reply at all. In the situation outlined in this discussion however, a potential buyer has replied after domain investor @Fuadiansyah pitched a two-word domain name to them.

    After receiving the reply, the investor is asking whether it is worth them continuing with any negotiations. The overwhelming opinion within the discussion seems to be that it is absolutely worth pursuing further. What is your opinion?

    Topic by: @Fuadiansyah

    NamesCon Happy Hour Meetup

    NamesCon represents an excellent opportunity to make some new friends within the industry. With this in mind, GoDaddy’s Aftermarket Product Manager, Joe Styler, is scheduling a happy hour meetup on Tuesday 24th January between 4pm and 6pm at the Nine Fine Irishmen bar.

    If you’re going to NamesCon, this will be a fantastic chance for you to meet with fellow NamePros members, including NamePros’ Managing Director, @Edward Zeiden.

    Topic by: @Joe Styler

    A Look at Three-Word Domain Names

    Just before Christmas, @Howie published an extremely useful guide to three-word domain names. It’s a category of domain names that is often forgotten by domain investors, since shorter domains are often far more desirable for both investors and end users.

    If you are interested in knowing more about three-word domain names, then this article may give you a little more insight.

    Topic by: @Howie

    This Week

    How Are People Are Registering Domains at Below the Registration Fee?

    .COM domain names typically cost between $8 and $10 to register, with other extensions often costing more than this. How is it possible for investors to register domain names at far lower registration costs?

    This is the question that is being asked in this discussion. The answer is usually to find a coupon code. Every so often, registrars release coupon codes that allow users to register domain names at a far lower cost.

    Topic by: @domainsg

    The Results of My First Year In Domaining

    How did you do in 2016? For one investor, 2016 marked their first year as a domainer, and to celebrate this milestone, the investor has published details of exactly what happened in their domaining business within 2016.

    Sales, costs and starting goals have all been documented in this discussion for you to view in full.

    Topic by: @SBS66 My Epic Fail

    An investor has shared their story of their purchase of, describing it as an “Epic Fail”. The investor came across the domain name on eBay, and was apparently advised to stay away from it by several industry leaders.

    Needless to say, the advice fell upon deaf ears, and @uglydork acquired the name, and is now struggling to sell it.

    Outbound sales, Twitter ads and PR releases have been ineffective, and the name has also failed to sell at several auction websites.

    Read the full story in the discussion.

    Topic by: @uglydork

    I Sold in My First Ever Sale!

    After purchasing the domain name on NameJet in March 2016, @fitkhan has sold the domain name. What makes the sale special is the fact that it is this investor’s first ever sale.

    Having received no inbound enquiries on the domain name, the investor started to email several potential buyers. Eventually, one of these potential buyers replied, and the domain name was sold for $2,500.

    Full details are available in the discussion. Congratulations to @fitkhan!

    Topic by: @fitkhan

    Top Topics of the Week is a blog series featuring the most popular discussions and content within the domain community. Tune in weekly to see what’s trending!
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