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Top Topics: Mike Mann, Please Share Your Secrets!; I Sold Print.tv...

By James Iles, Jul 14, 2017
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    In this week's Top Topics, we take a look at an incident between a domain investor and a former domain owner trying to recover their domain and we share the news of a four-figure .CO domain sale. Elsewhere, a domainer shares their late-night registration mistakes!

    I Sold a Three-Letter .CO for $1,500

    The .CO extension has been considered by some startups and companies as a cheaper alternative to .COM. There are many examples of fledgeling companies starting life on a .CO domain before upgrading to a .COM after receiving funding, or finding success.

    Domainer @rentmynames shared the news this week that they sold the domain FNO.co for $1,500 via GoDaddy after acquiring it for $76 in January of this year. At the moment, there is no clue as to who the buyer is, but the seller told the community they were very happy with the price achieved.

    Topic by: @rentmynames

    Is It My Fault You Let Your Domain Expire?

    Investor @maksimfa shared an interesting story this week. After acquiring a domain name via GoDaddy Auctions for just $13.50, the new owner received a $50 offer from the domain’s previous owner. As you may expect from a domain owner that forgot to renew their domain, they weren’t happy to pay a premium to get this name back in their possession.

    Following a call in which the domain’s previous owner threatened legal action, a $100 offer was submitted. Did the domainer sell the domain? Visit the discussion to find out.

    Topic by: @maksimfa

    Mike Mann, Please Share Your Secrets!

    As a seasoned domain investor and owner of DomainMarket.com, Mike Mann has built up a large portfolio of over two-hundred thousand domains. Whilst names such as HappyBirthday.com and Tasty.com are listed on Mike’s website for millions of dollars each, it’s the smaller sales that have caused great interest amongst investors.

    This week, Mike revealed that he sold three domain names for a total of $41,776 that cost a combined total of $60. All three domains were acquired within the last four months. So what is Mike’s secret? In this discussion, domainers are discussing how Mike can consistently produce sales such as this.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    Here’s Why You Don’t Register Domains Late at Night

    Many domain investors have been in the situation where they come across what seems like a great domain name that’s available to register in the middle of the night. However, in the light of day with a fresh perspective, you discover that the domain is dire and you’ve wasted your registration fee.

    Here, domainer @xn--v4h.com shares their latest midnight registration with a warning to other investors not to do the same!

    Topic by: @xn--v4h.com

    I Sold Print.tv

    Following the news that the domain name Print.com likely sold for $2 million, a domain investor has revealed the news that they recently sold Print.tv. According to DomainIQ, the buyer of Print.tv may be the same person that acquired Print.com recently.

    Unfortunately, the sales price remains confidential but DomainIQ shows that the name was listed for $9,000 on Afternic. The domain Print.net also sold recently at Flippa for $15,000.

    Topic by: @Cate.tv

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    Oh man one of my most embarrassing moments highlighted as a top topic! :xf.wink:
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    That's always the way ;)
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    Thanks for the great recap! I'm sure many others share my appreciation for your time and excellent writing.

    Best regards!

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    As always, top trends.
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    Thanks for including my story. :)
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    Good post.it's really an embarrassing topic.