information Top Topics: MedicalRecordsReview.com auction paid? New domainers are doomed; Market crash ahead, says Rosener; Cash loans for domains; Uni Market RIP

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Did MedicalRecordsReview.com really sell for almost $70k or payment failed? Domaining newbies: The train has left the station; Markets will crash up to 50% according to Drew Rosener; Where to get a loan by mortgaging your domains? Uni Market will be shutting down in April.

MedicalRecordsReview.com – Sold for $68,500 - I am not sure why?
A DropCatch auction for the domain MedicalRecordsReview.com closed at $68,500 dollars. The domain has very few backlinks that don't seem to justify its selling price. The buyer hasn't paid yet and this domain auction might end up being repeated.

Topic by @Robbie

This train has probably left. Domaining starting right now from scratch.
Not everyone new in the domain industry is optimistic about beginning in 2023. Domain investors that started just a few years ago had to overcome the disadvantage of higher prices for acquiring a base inventory and competition from others. But is it really true that newbies won't make it? Join the discussion and share your views on the subject.

Topic by @twiki

We will see a 30%-50% crash in markets across the board - Predicts Andrew Rosener
The global economy is facing a lot of challenges: Recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, slowed markets, inflation and recession, along with an ongoing war in Ukraine. Andrew Rosener predicts a 30%-50% chance that the global markets will fail in the next 18-24 months. Don't panic, but be prepared.

Topic by @Haroon Basha

I want to get a loan with my domain name mortgaged
Sometimes all you need is a small infusion of cash to move on and a domain name, when used as collateral, can provide such an amount of cash. Are there companies that would provide such a loan, effectively "mortgaging" your domains? Check out what experts have to say.

Topic by @JuiceWrld

Uni Market sunset set for April 18th
The amazing platform created by Frank Schilling will seize to exist next month. Its acquisition by GoDaddy 3 years ago paved the path to extinction, as Afternic is favored by the biggest domain registrar in the world. The news is somber but life goes on; here's what that means for your domain names and the data your portfolio accumulated over years of using the Uni Market.

Topic by @Acroplex

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Thanks for all the topics mentioned. Definitely an interesting week of discussions, especially with the ongoing economic upheaval.