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Happy Saturday folks—time for this week's Top Topics here at NamePros:

Do marketplaces bundle payments for concurrent sales? Dan and Sedo are compared. Somehow, a company valued at more than $100 million dollars let one of their domain assets expire. How to create logos and other brand images for your domains. Crunchbase companies still prefer .com over other TLDs, plus a tribute to James Iles' article contributions to NamePros.

Sedo and Dan payout problems
Many domain investors close domain sales concurrently. Should marketplaces such as Sedo and Dan offer to bundle payments, thus saving their customers quite a bit in banking fees? Find out how these two domain marketplaces handle such incidents and how they escalate requests for customer support.

Topic by @topdom

100M+ Company value let there [sic] domain expired
Dubai-based marketplace, Wadi, began in 2015 in UAE and Saudi Arabia, eventually growing their online business to a valuation of more than $100 million dollars. The company was acquired in 2019 and in 2020 they shut down without any announcement; their domain Wadi.com was somehow allowed to lapse, ending up in an expired domain auction. Was it an accident?

Topic by @lonelynet

Where do you create Logos, Images for your names?
Offering domains for sale with a basic logo or other image is a practice that can increase sales, particularly at marketplaces that support the use of images. Do you create your own images, consult with graphic designers, or use free "logo generators" for your domains? Lots of advice and feedback on the subject, so join the discussion.

Topic by @Andreas B.

No XYZ... .COM is KING! Analyzed the URL patterns of over 2 million Crunchbase listed companies.
Freshly scraped Crunchbase data provides an insight on how TLDs, other than .com, are used by start-up companies. The data was analyzed by SquadHelp and show that .com is still the undefeated king, when it comes down to adoption by company use.

Topic by @URLU

Don’t Miss These Great Domain Name Articles By James Iles
James Iles has contributed a lot of quality articles to NamePros over the course of several years. This anthology of articles is a tribute to James and a great resource of information, a must-read!

Topic by @Bob Hawkes

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