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In this week's Top Topics, we look at whether the term "immersive" will be the next big trending keyword for the domain name industry. Elsewhere, we cover the domain-related deals that investors can find over the Black Friday weekend and there's a featured chat with the prolific .XYZ investor Swetha Yenugula.

We also learn that Rupert Murdoch has acquired a .TV domain for his latest venture.

Is Immersive the Next Big Trend?

Done properly, investing in trending terms before they hit peak popularity can result in some incredible returns. The meta keyword frenzy that happened recently is a good example, where recently hand registered domains were able to sell for five-figure fees.

Naturally, many people try to get ahead of the curve by finding the next big trend. Here, we're contemplating whether "immersive" is the next big trend for domains. Related to virtual reality or the metaverse, immersive seems to have become a more popular term. Is it the next big trend?

Topic by: @infosec3

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promos

The Friday after Thanksgiving, dubbed Black Friday, is when many retailers promote discounts on various items. While we typically don't see the heavily discounted deals that were once on offer, it is a time to potentially grab some bargains. The domain name industry does include many companies that participate in Black Friday sales.

Black Friday deals for the domain name industry have been shared in this discussion, with more offers added as they are discovered. Most of the deals from domain registrars seem to offer discounted rates on domain registrations.

Topic by: @Mifuru

Are .ME Domains Valued too Low?

The .ME domain extension has been somewhat repurposed from a ccTLD for Montenegro into a globally-used extension with companies such as About.me branding around a .ME domain name. Despite some end-user appeal, the extension doesn't seem to have brought about many sizable sales.

One investor has noticed that on NameBio, there are many one-word .ME domain sales in the three-figure range, which are likely investor purchases. Why, then, are the sales figures so low for .ME in comparison to other repurposed extensions?

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

Murdoch Chooses a .TV Domain

In recent months, news surfaced revealing that media tycoon Rupert Murdoch is setting up a new TV channel in the UK. A media empire that consists of the likes of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, is about to get a new addition with TalkTV set to launch in the UK in 2022.

After doing some research, a domainer has noticed that Murdoch has chosen to use a .TV domain for his latest venture, with the domain in question seemingly acquired in June 2021 from GoDaddy's NameFind portfolio.

Topic by: @GoneWalkabout

A Chat With the Queen of .XYZ

First introduced in 2014, the .XYZ extension gained traction as one of the more popular of the new breed of gTLDs. It's only in the last year or so, though, that most investors have started to take notice of the extension thanks largely to one person, Swetha Yenugula.

Swetha has amassed a large portfolio of .XYZ sales and routinely publishes four- and five-figure .XYZ sales amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here, Raymond Hackney interviews Swetha to find out more information about her business and domaining strategy.

Topic by: @equity78

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