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In this week's Top Topics, the owner of a four-letter .COM asks for advice after someone recently trademarked their domain name, and just how useful are marketplaces if you're not using that marketplace's landing pages? Elsewhere, domainers discuss the AngiesList rebrand, and is NFT a trend?

Someone Recently Trademarked My 4 Letter .COM

Trademarks in relation to domain ownership rights can be a complex issue. In this discussion, a domainer has revealed that a company has recently filed a trademark for a four-letter, foreign-word that this investor owns in the .COM extension.

The domain investor is now worried that the company will "steal" this domain that the domainer has had in possession for over ten years. What can this investor do to mitigate the chances of a frivolous UDRP?

Topic by: @poker_bears

How Useful Are Marketplaces Without the Landing Pages?

There are tens of domain name marketplaces that help domain owners connect with domain name buyers. Marketplaces are responsible for millions of dollars worth of domain sales every year, but how effective are these marketplaces if you don't use the marketplace's landing pages?

Anyone can list a domain that they own at a marketplace, but will a marketplace only produce a sale if you use the provided landing pages?

Topic by: @Reyginus

AngiesList Rebrands to Angi.com

Angie's List is an American online directory founded in 1995 that has been a popular destination for millions of people to find and review local businesses and contractors. This week, Angie's List's parent company announced that Angie's List is rebranding to Angi, operating on Angi.com.

This news has many domain investors perplexed, with many asking why Angie's List didn't rebrand to Angie.com or Angies.com instead. Angi owns Angie.com, but Angies.com is listed for sale. What do you think of this rebrand?

Topic by: @Lox

Is NFT a Trend?

NFT, the Non-Fungible Token, has become a hot topic. With millions of dollars currently being spent on NFT digital art, gifs, and even Jack Dorsey's first tweet, very few in the online world can ignore NFTs. Are NFTs a trend that domain investors should be aware of?

Here, a domainer is asking several questions about NFTs and whether NFT domains are worth investing in. The discussion has also led to investors sharing their recent NFT domain sales. This is a useful discussion to follow if you're interested in NFT-related domain names.

Topic by: @du6262

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Regarding the Angie's list rebrand -- Rebranding is always interesting and can even be controversial. We rebranded a site under a new name years ago and it worked out just fine after a while but it took a while for visitors to get used to it. And it took Google a while to accept it.

Did it hurt business? Yes for a while but not long. Business eventually came back. Rebranding can be tricky. Angie's list must have had a good reason to do it since they have been since a powerful force on the web for years.


Good picks. Thanks.

Trademark topics always catch my eyes, as I still need to learn a lot in this arena. Compared to rule books & tutorials, real life stories and discussions goes a long way in the learning process.

Marketplace Landing and AngiesList rebranding discussions are also interesting, but what's really engaging the community these days is the discussion about NFTs.

Hype or not, there's a lot left to learn about it since the technology itself is still evolving and we've only just started to witness the first few use cases. I'm sure there'll be a lot of ups and downs before the dust is settled around everything crypto, not just NFTs. I've missed the 90's .com train (as I'm not old enough), but I'm surely glad to experience the crypto train. IMHO, this sector will shape the future of internet in a way that most of us are still too unaware to properly visualize.

Thanks again for the summary.