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Top Topics: How Do You Acquire a Portfolio?; Making Money With AdSense in 2019...

By James Iles, Jun 2, 2019
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we find out more about the best way to acquire a complete domain name portfolio, and an investor asks about the lack of demand for new gTLD's. Elsewhere, this week's featured poll asks domainers to vote on the number one factor to take into consideration when choosing a domain registrar.

    What’s the Best Way to Acquire a Portfolio?

    Domain name portfolio acquisitions have been in the news this week after Uni announced its portfolio acquisition plan, for domain investors looking for liquidity. The spotlight on portfolio purchases has got some domainers thinking.

    In this discussion, an investor asks what the strategy is for acquiring domain portfolios. Aside from the question of agreeing on a price, what solutions are there to solve the logistical problem of acquiring several hundred domain names, or more, at a time?

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    What is Holding Back Demand for New gTLD’s?

    New gTLD’s (new domain extensions), for want of a better name, have been in existence for several years, and have received a mixed reception from both investors and end users. There have been some high profile sales, such as the $500,300 Vacation.rental deal, but is something holding back the demand for new gTLD's?

    Here, investors debate the possible reasons for the lack of demand, including premium renewal prices and too many extension options. What do you think?

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

    Investors Try Out Uni's Portfolio Acquisition Offer

    As we mentioned earlier in Top Topics, @Frank.Schilling's Uni launched a new portfolio acquisition service, which allows investors to submit their portfolio for review, with a view to Uni acquiring that portfolio.

    This is an innovative solution that could allow domain investors to cash in on their portfolio, especially in a case where a domainer may need quick cash. Despite a lively discussion, some investors revealed that they tried out Uni's portfolio acquisition service, and revealed the offers they received.

    Topic by: @Vito

    Poll: What is The Number 1 Factor When Choosing a Registrar?

    Previously, we've featured a poll asking domain investors to vote for their favorite domain registrar for 2019. The poll has attracted over nine hundred to date, with NameSilo in first place. This week, Raymond Hackney (
    @equity78) asks investors to vote on the most important factor when considering a domain registrar.

    Is the price, customer service, or user interface the number one factor for you? Cast your vote now!

    Topic by: @equity78

    Can We Still Make Money Through AdSense in 2019?

    Ten years ago, one of the most popular means of making money with domain names was via advertising revenue from parking, or ads on developed sites. Recently, veteran investor @Rick Schwartz revealed that he has made over $30 million through PPC (pay per click) ads.

    Is it still possible to make money via advertising services such as Google AdSense in 2019? NamePros' @Eric Lyon shared some of his experience, with suggestions for strategies to make money in 2019.

    Topic by: @dezinerite

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    Thanks for sharing
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    I have one domain that has 3,700,000/mo volume CPC $0.98 and I have been building a site for it with some great content. The site is in another language which I don't even speak but luckily my wife does.

    Now Adwords is complaining that there are too many sites with this information. You really need to work hard to get some original content.

    I'm still at it and determined to get a lot of those clicks. When I get the formula working then I have many other high volume CPC names that will be going live as well.

    Will update later.
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