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Sold a domain on GoDaddy but their cut amounts to 39% of the sale; Movies about domain names; expired and sold for $167,000 dollars; How to fight blackhat SEO guys restoring web content; is now FURM.

GoDaddy deducted around 39% from auction sale. Am I missing something?
A domain investor from Pakistan who sold a domain on GoDaddy's auctions, was shocked to receive only 61% of the proceeds. Is this common when currency conversions take place, or something else is going on? Join the conversation and find out.

Topic by @AuctionBio

Movies about domain names
Are there any movies with a plot that involves domain names? It seems that while there are some about web content and brands, domain-specific domains are scarce. Find out what's out there and also submit your own imaginary movie title, substituting real movies.

Topic by @SamirAz86 expires, closes at $167,000
The domain name was registered in 1996 and after its registrant failed to renew it, the domain was auctioned off at GoDaddy auctions. The closing price was a whopping $167,000 dollars. It seems that the winner hasn't paid yet, however, so was this a shill auction?

Topic by @equity78

How to fight against blackhat SEO guys doing "website restoration"
A charity business domain was left to expire and dropped; someone picked it up and restored its content as found in Using such existing clout, "blackhat" SEO boffins are able to direct traffic to other domains. What can the domain's previous registrant do? Find out what attorney John Berryhill has to say.

Topic by @Zsolt Bikadi repurposed as
In 2020, a new domain marketplace called was launched. Two years later, it was shut down, despite positive responses from the domain investor community. Now, the domain forwards to, a platform to search for trademarks and appraise domain names. Find out what's going on.

Topic by @omnia

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Thanks for the great summary, covering a lot of ground this week.

The Alter directing to FURM is really interesting. I would love to see Alter/Furm return as a marketplace, but not yet clear what is happening. At least nice to have the trademark search aspect of Alter operational again (and the appraisal too).

Thanks again.