Top Topics: Domain Negotiations with a Funded Tech Startup; Domaining in 1995; Realistic Earnings...

By N-A, Jul 27, 2015
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    The most popular discussions last week include how to negotiate and price a domain sale with a well-funded startup, time traveling back to 1995 to buy domains, what one could realistically expect to earn in two years of domain name investing or developing, and GoDaddy tossing out an odd error when some functional promo codes are used.

    Tech Startup Wants Domain Name
    What would you end up doing in a situation where you know the background of a company and how much funding they’ve received, then they approach you to buy your domain? Would you negotiate on the basis of how much money they have available or just sell it for what you normally would have if they never existed?
    Topic by @Mojoman1234

    Back in ‘95
    Hop in a DeLorean and cruise your way back to 1995. Knowing what you know today, what would you have done differently in domaining? Specifically, what would you have registered?
    Topic by @djum

    Realistic Earnings
    Some enter domain speculation to find themselves winding up developing one or more domains that they own in order to earn a little extra passive income over parking. Is a $100,000 annual salary a realistic goal within 2 years of following this path? If you are there, or on your way there, what have you done in order to achieve it?
    Topic by @domainess

    GoDaddy Coupon Code Error
    Are you receiving an odd error when trying to enter a GoDaddy promo code to save a couple dollars? Members discuss the cause and what lead to it.
    Topic by @Kenn DN

    Happy Birthday, Paul!
    The technical administrator of NamePros, @Paul Buonopane, had a birthday last week; send him some wishes!
    Topic by @johname

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