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Top Topics: Are Domains at 100% Saturation?; I Sold for $16,500...

By James Iles, Dec 15, 2017
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    In this week’s edition of Top Topics, domain investors discuss a recent tweet from veteran investor Rick Schwartz, another investor reveals one of the top five .TV sales of the year and we discuss cryptocurrency’s impact on domain name investing. Elsewhere, a domain investor asks about the process of valuing a domain name and we hear about a domainer’s dealings with an aggressive buyer.

    Are Domains at 100% Saturation?

    Veteran domain investor Rick Schwartz (@Rick Schwartz) has been an important part of the industry since the mid 1990s. Even in retirement a couple of years ago, Rick has made several sales amounting to several million dollars. Rick is a regular domain industry commentator on Twitter and this week, Rick told his followers that domain names are at "critical mass as far as use".

    Here, domainers are discussing Rick's comments in detail, making the basis for an interesting discussion.

    Topic by: @Michael M

    Is a Booming Crypto Market Good for Domain Sales?

    Cryptocurrency has been the runaway success of 2017. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are three currencies that have seen extreme gains this year, resulting in mainstream coverage. With cryptocurrencies seen as a new asset class, will domain name pricing and domain name sales be affected in any way?

    Will less focus be placed on the domain industry as a result?

    Topic by: @garptrader

    How To Deal With an Aggressive Buyer

    This week, a domain investor revealed the story of an encounter with an aggressive buyer. After inquiring about a name, this domainer responded only to be met with a rant from the potential buyer.

    The domainer's revelation has prompted other investors to share similar stories and advice.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    I Sold for $16,500

    Another five-figure .TV sale has been announced this week. The domain in question is, which looks to have been sold to a Ukranian company called More Club, who currently use the domain

    This sale, which has already been added to NameBio's database, ranks as the fifth highest public .TV sale of the year.

    Topic by: @tbwinpr

    How Do I Calculate My Domain's Value?

    A common response to the question "what is my domain worth?" is often "whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Regardless of whether that common response is true or not, it's something that's widely repeated. But is there a way of calculating a domain name's likely value without requiring a buyer?

    There are plenty of resources that are recommended including Estibot and NameBio as well as recommendations on different ways to think about the value of a domain name.

    Topic by: @neckozenica

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    Great read!
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    Thanks for the post :)

    FYI - you're missing the closing quotes from
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    The Domain has no value till we get the buyer.We may calculate its value by online tools or may have DA PA or page rank.Its value is decided by the buyer only.There are variety of domains and variety of buyers.The equation is good when matrics of domain matches to that of buyer.
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    Really good post :)
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    Thanks for the post.
    @Mofi welcome to NP
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