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Top Topics: A $12,058 .TV Sale is Revealed; GoDaddy to Introduce BIN Landers...

By James Iles, Jan 31, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, domain investors react to news of Rick Schwartz's latest seven-figure domain sale, and what do you think of GoDaddy's intention to introduce BIN landers? Elsewhere, a domainer discloses a recent five-figure .TV sale, and what's one insight that has led you to become a better domain investor?

    Rick Schwartz Reports Sale of BestOdds.com

    The self-styled Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been an instrumental part of the domain name industry since the 1990s, providing a huge amount of value to the domaining community through his conferences and his domain sales revelations.

    The latest sale to be disclosed by Rick is BestOdds.com for $1.8 million upfront plus a reported $1.8 million in royalties in the next ten years. Here, domain investors comment on the sale with Rick himself also publishing a clarification.

    Topic by: @Debasis

    GoDaddy to Introduce BIN Landers

    GoDaddy is undeniably the most well known domain name company in the world. Thanks largely to years of mainstream advertising, the GoDaddy name has become a trusted source for domains for the wider world.

    Domain investors are helped by this widespread trust by having access to GoDaddy’s aftermarket that promotes third party names. It’s a source of sales for many investors, but is the service about to be improved? GoDaddy announced that it is going to introduce a buy it now (BIN) option for its landing pages, which will be accessible to domain investors after testing. Here, domainers react to the news.

    Topic by: @Ostrados

    When Do You Give In and Accept the Offer?

    In the last twelve months, this domain investor has placed minimum offer values of between $100 and $1,000 on many names from their portfolio. Unsurprisingly, that has resulted in numerous offers in the $300 to $1,000 range. The offers have all been rejected or countered.

    When do you start to doubt yourself? When do you second guess your valuations? In your experience, is it typical to start to give in and accept these offers to aid cashflow and overall portfolio development?

    Topic by: @NickB

    What’s One Insight That Has Led You to Become a Better Domainer?

    This past week, NamesCon Online has been taking place. The global virtual event reinforced for me the sheer number of people from around the world that participate in the domain name industry. Something that diversity brings to the industry is insight based on participants’ various experiences.

    Here, domain investors are encouraged to share one insight that has led them to become a better investor. What’s an insight that has led you to become a better domainer?

    Topic by: @equity78

    I Sold Mob.tv for $12,058

    Prolific .TV domain investor @Ammudamus is back with another announcement about another five-figure .TV sale that they've closed. This time, the name is Mob.tv, a three-letter name that NameBio previously lists as selling for $4,250 at Sedo in 2011.

    The sale was facilitated by a GoDaddy broker and it ranks as the sixth-largest publicly disclosed .TV sale of the past year, according to NameBio's data chart.

    Topic by: @Ammudamus

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    DOMAIN ILLUMINATI Owner of ▲ the most expensive domain of all time. VIP Gold Account

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    Funny what you rate as a "clarification".
  8. NonHipster

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    Fantastic read James. It's great that GoDaddy wlll be offering a BIN landing page, and it's about time :)

    DOMAIN ILLUMINATI Owner of ▲ the most expensive domain of all time. VIP Gold Account

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    On the other hand, it was indeed a clarification, sure - but ...

    ... unfortunately only in regards to the deletions (tweet / blog post) - and not in terms to the sale itself (which would have been the interesting part).

    Most probably it will remain a mystery.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2021
  10. TauseefKhan

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    Thanks for sharing. Interesting topics.
  11. Mytz.com

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