information Top Topics: A $10k broker's offer; Premium domains that dropped; NameJet's new look; GoDaddy bans user account; XYZ Registry grabs dropped domains

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Brokered offer of $10,000 dollars indicates end-user value? Find premium domains registrant forgot to renew; NameJet's new look, good or bad? Lost access to my domains at GoDaddy; .XYZ Registry grabs back most dictionary domains that drop.

Broker Offer Question - $10,000 Offer
Can a five-figure offer arriving from a broker become an indication of end-user value? A domain investor wants to ensure the brokered offer represents the domain's broader market value, in order to accept or reject the offer.

Topic by @Maggie Mae

How to Find Premium Domains that Owner Forgot to Renew
The quest is simple: Find premium domains that dropped due to their registrant's lack of a renewal, aka "forgetting" to renew. Is there a direct answer, however, or is the subject a bit more complex? The thread-starter wasn't happy with the short responses. Share your own ideas in this thread.

Topic by @mahmudulalam

NameJet's New (old) Design
NameJet rolled out a new design last week, that was remarkably underwhelming; it's an almost complete cloning of sister company's web site, SnapNames. Was this a smart move or a complete fail? Cast your vote in the poll included in this thread.

Topic by @silentg

Lost access to my domains at GoDaddy
A domain investor with 6 domains in his account claims that access to his account was removed by GoDaddy; most likely it was a security alert due to using a questionable payment method. GoDaddy refunded the cost of the domains but the investor is not happy.

Topic by @Yanosh

.XYZ Registry reserving almost all single English word domains to registry upon drop
On the look for dropping, single word, dictionary domains ending in .xyz? You may not get a chance. A NamePros member noticed that the majority of these drops result in the domains' getting reserved by the .XYZ Registry. Share your thoughts on this practice.

Topic by

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Thanks for nice rundown of weekly topics, @Acroplex.

The practice of XYZ registry reclassifying as premium names those that drop that have desired qualities has been going on for a couple of years, and has made it much more challenging to invest in .xyz compared to those who acquired names a few years ago. ICANN registry agreements allow it, and while we might not like it as investors, the idea of registry premium has been around since start new extensions. If we can ask more for quality names, should not the registry be able to do the same?

At least, as far as I know, they do not reclassify names as premium when still registered, as ShortDot registry has. In my reading of the registry agreement that should not be allowed, but ICANN seem hesitant to take action in a timely fashion.

It would be interesting to know the criteria that XYZ use to decide which to classify. I suspect it is at least partly number of registered TLDs. Names that drop with fewer than 25 seldom seem reclassified, while those 100+ almost always seem to be.

Of course .co have done reclassification on drop for some time.

Thanks again for selection of topics.

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Point 1 - I don’t claim I lost my access on my godaddy account , that’s a fact.

Point 2 - Before assuming that I lost my access cause a “questionable” payment method you need proofs , given the fact that godaddy never explained me why they did this and that I always used the same credit card (mine) and no different payment methods ( I have proofs for that).
You should focus on why they never explained me anything instead of claiming things by your own opinion.
And more important , you should focus on the fact that I lost 4 of my 6 domains cause they never informed me about making them available again !!
The fact that you too are saying this out of your own opinion without knowing the dynamics is quite offensive honestly.

Choose better ways to explain things and keep your opinion for yourself , thanks.
This is not a personal opinion thread , it’s a showcase for most active threads.

Just to be clear

Thank you
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