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By N-A, Oct 3, 2015
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    The most popular discussions this week include the dreaded (but sometimes good) number “4” in numeric domain names; momumental and historic investments made by Kevin Ham, FMA, and Marchex; the best new gTLD’s to invest in; and how many times have you visited ABC.XYZ since Google started to use it for their parent company’s website?

    The Dreaded (or Not) “4”
    The number 4 in numeric domains drastically reduces the price quite often. However, with the popular Chinese marketplace using 4.cn as their URL and sales such as 47000.com for $11,000 USD, should we really be overlooking the number 4 in domains?
    Topic by @manurawat

    Historic Domaining Moves
    Investments made by Kevin Ham, FMA, and Marchex in the early days of domaining could have been seen as being unwise at the time by other investors. However, with the emerging Chinese economy, we can certainly tell that it isn’t the case now.
    Topic by @tekz999

    Domaining Gets Better
    Domaining is not for the faint of heart; it is difficult in the beginning for anyone to fully understand, and even once you’re successful, you will constantly have to learn to progress with the industry. This is how domaining gets better as time goes on...
    Topic by @hookbox

    The Best New gTLD’s
    There are now hundreds of ngTLD’s on the market to invest in. Which ones hold the most value now, and will they continue to do so in the future?
    Topic by @6872689000

    Visited ABC.XYZ?
    Google surprised us all with their announcement to use ABC.XYZ for the parent company’s website just over a month ago. However, who has actually taken the time to go there since then?
    Topic and Poll by @brandnow

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