information James Iles now at GoDaddy; Registrar alternatives to Epik; XYZ projects with millions in funding; Domaining Pros & Cons; Ballet.com sold for $1.16 mil

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Domain expert and author, James Iles, has been scooped up by GoDaddy as domain investor liaison; Investors discuss registrar alternatives to Epik after recent woes; There are plenty of companies with multi-million dollar funding that use .XYZ domains for their projects; The pros and cons of domain investing, according to Abdul Basit; Ballet.com was acquired for $1.16 million dollars and the buyer has nothing to do with ballet.

James Iles was appointed GoDaddy liaison to domain investor community
GoDaddy has created a new position, that of the domain investment community manager; the position will help provide a communications interface between GoDaddy and domain investors. Finally! James Iles, domain investor and author/blogger will provide his expertise to GoDaddy. Well-deserved!

Topic by @Bob Hawkes

Best registrar for bulk transfer from Epik
Some domain investors have lost their faith in Epik, a domain registrar that has been facing several issues with its escrow operations in recent months. There are many alternative registrars, thanks to ICANN, and domain investors share their opinions and suggestions on such alternatives. Having a lot of domains to move out "in bulk" appears to be the key factor, so join the discussion.

Topic by @NicTraders

XYZ Projects That Raised Funding in the millions
Many companies have received millions of dollars in funding from investor groups, all while they operate with a .XYZ domain name. Some use .XYZ domains for particular projects, using these hefty funds. This is an educational thread sharing these companies that embrace the .XYZ TLD.

Topic by @Lox

Pros and cons of domaining
Domain investing, also known as "domaining," is a popular profession for many. As such, there are several for and against arguments that newcomers and seasoned domain investors should be aware of. Abdul Basit shares his personal experience as a domain name investor in this educational thread.

Topic by @AbdulBasit.com

Ballet.com sold for $1,160,235 dollars
The domain name Ballet.com was confirmed as sold for the sum of $1,160,235 dollars. Surprisingly, the buyer has nothing to do with the dance form popular among many; it's a cryptocurrency company! Read the details and keep on spinning.

Topic by @silentg

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Nice selection of topics. Thank you @Acroplex !

Congratulations once more to @James Iles - nice to have someone in that position who is so well known to our NamePros community.

A significant amount of VC funding into .xyz startups. This is valuable information both for those who invest in .xyz, and also those holding this names in .io or .com (or possibly other TLDs) since at some stage of development they may be looking for brand protection or name upgrade. This has already happened with some.

Thanks again,