interviews Eric Lyon Interview - Part 1 [Video]

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NamesCon 2015 was a conference for domain name speculators, such as Shane Cultra, to get out there and meet with people in the industry. It was also a great opportunity for one of Seattle’s domain investors, and member of NamePros, Chris Wright.

@Chris Wright seized the moment and asked @Eric_Lyon, the administrator of NamePros, for a quick video interview.

In this segment, Eric will be discussing a lot of material such as combating fraud, scams and spam, how he went from a lurker to administrator of NamePros, emphasis on researching, and why he attended the conference.

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At first glance I thought they did the interview in a bathroom. It looks like he's sitting on a giant toilet.

I thought the same thing when viewing this video on my ipad mini, too funny. Great interview Eric, very inspirational and educational for everyone!