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Detected: Phase.com, Bot.net and Q.org are on the move

By James Iles, Mar 20, 2018
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    In this latest edition of Detected Domains, we take a look at domain acquisitions and sales from notable investors and portfolio owners that we've discovered over the past few weeks. These detected domain purchases and sales, discovered by using DomainIQ's monitoring tools, give a helpful overview of what some of the most successful domainers are doing in 2018.

    @Braden Pollock acquired several one-word domain names including Fragrant.com, Publicize.com and Lobby.com.

    Braden also looks to have sold Q.org after the name moved under privacy protection. As of writing, the domain is forwarding to the website for the Quebec-Labrador Foundation.

    @Telepathy Inc sold UMK.com to China. The domain is under privacy protection at China's eName registrar and currently doesn't resolve.

    In terms of acquisitions, Telepathy bought Aquatic.com to add to their large portfolio.

    Reflecting a change in WHOIS information, Media Options looks to have acquired Kaw.com, THV.com, QOB.com, and Drew.com. According to this week's @DomainSherpa review, the price paid for Drew.com was $65,000.

    Internet Real Estate Ltd acquisitions include Pepe.com and AUB.com.

    Elliot Silver (@EJS) acquired Passes.com from the NameFind portfolio.

    Internet Real Estate Ltd looks to have sold EXB.com after it moved under privacy protection at Uniregistry. It also seems that Internet Real Estate Ltd struck a deal for Phase.com after the domain moved into Escrow.com's holding account. Phase.com looks to be currently used for a digital design product.

    James Booth (@BoothDomains) acquired the three-letter domains NUI.com, GME.com and OYS.com.

    @Frank.Schilling's Name Administration Inc sold Owning.com, GamingChairs.com and OONI.com to name but a few. NameBio lists OONI.com's sales price as $35,000.

    Sam Dennis (@impulseleads) looks to have sold ScreenSavers.com.

    @Ali Zandi acquired the three-letter, one-word domain Bot.net as well as Teammate.com.

    @Mike Mann's recent sales include VideoDesign.com for $50,000, SamBro.com for $30,000 and DotData.com for $28,888. The combined original acquisition cost of these three domains was $3,100.


    All data in this article was collected using DomainIQ's monitoring tools.
    The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.
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    Thanks James!
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    James, I just sent you an email. Publicize.com was from the NamesCon auction. Lobby.com was a private transaction and it cost substantially more than $18k, as you might imagine.
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