information A World Without ICANN - Part 3: Namecoin and Truly Decentralized DNS

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Though all of OpenNIC’s “open” TLDs are unique, [URL='http://bit.namecoin.info/'].bit[/URL] is particularly interesting. bit domains are actually not handled via traditional DNS. Instead, bit domains are embedded within the Namecoin system, which is completely decentralized.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of cryptocurrency is its definitiveness and finality, properties that traditional currency lacks. For example, it’s possible to forge paper money or fake gold, at least for some transactions. Electronic banking provided a partial solution to this problem, but it’s still possible to reverse a credit card transaction, and the fees can be hefty. Even wire transfers can technically be reversed. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Namecoin are unencumbered by these uncertainties.

Namecoin is similar to Bitcoin--in fact, most of the algorithms and processes are identical. Like Bitcoin, Namecoin keeps a cryptographically secure log of transactions called a “blockchain”. bit domains are actually attached to pieces of Namecoin currency and stored in this blockchain. Like the currency itself, bit domains aren’t controlled by a single entity and can’t be seized by government officials. These domains can only be transferred or forfeited with explicit, deliberate action on the part of the owner. Transactions and domain registrations can’t be reversed; once they’re in the blockchain, they’re a piece of history.

It’s a domainer’s dream! Once you own a bit domain, it’s yours: nobody can take it from you. Of course, you might be willing to hand it over, for a price.
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