WTB - .com names over $5,000 Godaddy Appraised

Labeled as budget: above $1000 in Domain Buyer Requests, started by uglydork, Apr 22, 2020


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  1. uglydork

    uglydork Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    11:30 PM
    PLEASE READ- Trying again
    • I will report anyone who sends me names that are not .com
    • Not appraised at $5,000 USD

    .COM only
    Appraised at $5,000 USD or more only
    I will use Paypal or Escrow depending on price and trust
    I can spend up to $5,000 on one name or split between many - I may spend more for anything exceptional

    I am looking for a deal, I am not hiding this information - you must be desperate for cash now - I am not paying full end user prices.
    I am not interested in names that have been marketed to death or passed around domainers for years. I will research any name I find interesting.

    I apologize if this post seems harsh but I get so much garbage when I post here. I have a great rating here and I am looking for quality.

    Thank you :)
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  2. iyad nofal

    iyad nofal Restricted (Market)

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    6:30 AM
    Jercey (.) com ......... 1.6k
    YouDating (.) com ............ 850$
    or make offer

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