Will you still accept Crypto for payment after Tesla stops accepting BTC.

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    How is this domain industry news?
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    Bitcoin is the most secure monetary network on the planet, and I believe it will slowly absorb all other similar "hard" assets that are much less movable. Gold and Real Estate are two that will inevitably fall under the control or taxation of dying states.

    Bitcoin is sound-money, this means that no entity or individual can manufacture any more than the programmatic limit of supply. This matters more than anything in terms of economic prosperity, because you don't have to fear that someone will come devalue the money you have in your pocket.

    The fiat price of Bitcoin should not matter to domainers when you MAKE bitcoin, your cost basis of acquisition is often low and that is the biggest advantage we have a digital asset investors.

    You can earn bitcoin directly and by default acquire bitcoin at a much lower cost basis than any other business on earth. This is likely the biggest miss in domaining right now. Why? Because $1 today does not buy $1 worth of stuff tomorrow. We are lucky to have a fixed cost of operations/renewals which can be leveraged to stack bitcoin faster than any other community on earth, except maybe the NFT designers, who prefer ETH.

    Don't snooze on Bitcoin.

    A liquidity crunch is coming after a highly inflationary monetary period. Your time is the most valuable asset, hold time with Bitcoin and forget about the price. 1BTC is 1BTC and there are only 21 million.
  3. karamakate

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    Tesla is not the market maker, and Elon Musk is just a tech-puppet.
    That funny face Musky guy loves to manipulate crypto market just to earn more 'free money'. He's doing this kind of cheap tactics since many years.

    Before question the damage of bitcoin mining rigs to the nature, everyone should ask that how much energy the conventional banking system consumes? Or the regular gold mining industry?

    This reddit post already have some answers:
    Please stop following and pumping sociopath people. Thank you.
  4. Future Sensors

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  5. NickB

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    I'd put my money in ETH over Bitcoin (which I have) any day of the week due to Defi..........not because of NFT's.....
  6. karamakate

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    Yes I did, people are just acting like idiots as always.

    Everything is a lie until you believe in it.
  7. Mike Goodman

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    @DanSanchez if that's a serious economic forecast we're hell bent on the road to anarchy. What follows anarchy is, inevitably, strongmen, warlords and dictatorship. Thanks but no thanks.

    No human organisational principle is perfect but nationhood has its benefits. Pity most politicians don't understand how to use them but any form of democracy still beats absolute control. There is a balance to be reached, though, between control and anarchy. It is a fine line to judge.

    Back on the topic, I'm accepting crypto (eth-blockchain only) in part-payment and also being as flexible as possible to enable deals to complete. Equities, anything a buyer can offer, lease with option to buy, to keep flexibility and liquidity. Even if crypto is not going to last for ever, it will keep going for long enough and generate enough profit for small players such as myself to end up making good gains without being seriously damaged if and when it all crashes out.
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    The next risk in crypto is gold. As the most serious pullback in months is taking place, the rise of the price of gold is happening. Right now the small rise in the price of gold is no threat, however, if gold starts moving for a few days at 1.5% or more each day, the big asset managers will sell their crypto and run into gold.

    Most asset managers that are in crypto are in it for gains, that is their main goal. They believe in gains first and after that they focus if the technology is something they like long term. Crypto to some of them is a hedge or part of their high return / risk allocation.

    Most regular buyers are obsessing over the crypto tech first and the gains second.

    When the big whales see a bigger gain potential in gold, lumber or in toilet paper, that is where they will invest in. They are rich because they are not emotionally attached while most are poor because emotions drive all decisions.

    When bitcoin started to drop this time ETH remained VERY strong. As expected, everyone started claiming that bitcoin was never their thing or no longer their thing and now they are all about ETH.

    How their story will change now that ETH is pulling back is anyone's guess. I guess whatever crypto is strong, that's the one they now believe in.

    My personal belief and not financial advice is that long term bitcoin, eth have a bright future. A person should only hold in it what they could afford to see have serious down days for a long time.
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    Well he has come from the money game eg paypal so he is only inluencing best can as a tactic.
  10. jhm

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    Short answer: Yes, its convenient

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