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why no craze for 4 letter .net and .org?

Labeled as question in gTLD Discussion started by Anjani, Apr 9, 2018.


  1. Anjani

    Anjani Established Member

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    Can someone explain why there is no demand for 4 letter .net and .org...they are supposed to be the next best thing after .com.
    I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this..
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  2. Kate

    Kate Domainosaurus Rex VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    LL/LLL are popular as corporate acronyms, but 4L, 5L, 6L etc are different beasts. They can work well as brandables like CVCV domains, however the rest that are neither generic keywords (eg auto, data) nor brandables are random LLLL and thus have limited uses.
    If they are not suitable as acronyms they can still be used as abbreviations, for example pqzs.com could mean Powell and Quan Zoning Services (Inc.) while BMVI could mean best monetary value indicator. But let's face it, the pool of end users willing to pay any serious money is probably not huge. The stars have to align right.
    Whereas countless companies use 3-letter acronyms, which makes LLL domain especially attractive and status symbols. But there is a gap in value between .com and .net/.org.

    So... if 4L.net/.org are supposed to be the next best thing after .com, they still have to be relevant/useful to an end user. Otherwise they are collectors' items that will get flipped from one reseller to another.
    Just because they are short (and memorable) doesn't mean they are useful or even desirable. Again, what are they going to be used for ?

    The thing is, demand for aftermarket domains is not big and concentrates on .com and a few select TLDs. The farther apart from .com (or a major ccTLD), the less valuable the domain is going to be (broad statement).
    LLL.com are highly sought after, LLL.biz/.us are almost worthless.

    Sometimes, the craze is driven artificially by domainers who buy up domain names that may have no plausible end user, let alone a buyer. But even domainers cannot absorb the supply.

    TL;DR version: not enough end user demand to warrant large-scale speculation.
  3. BaileyUK

    BaileyUK Top Member VIP

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    Well the .net lost it's global second choice momentum after the .info and .biz and then .pro came to market and it's not going to recover now there is a thousand extensions to choose from.

    .Org is still out there providing it's appropriate, wording or lettering. mostly-not for profit and surprisingly (seeing there is .info) for 'information type sites.

    .net. It had its time when the internet infrastructure and its suppliers were at forefront of discussion and concern and going 'on-line' required some technical knowledge not to mention lots of expensive hardware. Now it's mostly all in place and everything is pretty much instantly connected., Cable and infrastructure upgrades aren't really of interest to your average Joe. And of course this includes/applies to your 4 letter domains

    this is all old information really. and you should be onboard with it, unless your new to domaining. dot net hasn't been a second choice priority for anyone for about 10 years.

    do remember there is no premium for any 'random' four letter outside .com (sure there is the occasional sales)
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  4. blockchain

    blockchain New Member

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    i even do not check expired .net domains.
    .net has no value for me.
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  5. Jurgen Wolf

    Jurgen Wolf Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Brandable 4L have the enduser demand in all popular TLDs...
    Craze with all 4L.com is only due to Chinese factor.
  6. tonyk2000

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  7. Dominium

    Dominium Top Member VIP

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    For me, 4l.org acronyms sell fairly well with a little outbound marketing. However, not all letters are equal. I've found the following to be most popular to endusers who want acronyms: A B C D E G H L M N P R S T.

    I had to pay to find that out though, by registering many 4l.orgs that I couldn't sell. Overall, I made money, but not a huge amount.

    In 2014, I sold 8, average was around 400 USD.
    2015: 11, ave: 500 USD.
    2016: 14, ave: 500 USD.
    2017: 15, ave 550 USD.

    Of these sales, about half were caught drops, the other half were from auctions.
  8. blockchain

    blockchain New Member

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