Why is my domain listed for auction on GoDaddy?

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I purchased a domain from a Sedo auction about a year ago and have been using it for email ever since. I randomly typed it into the GoDaddy search (NOT my registrar or hosting provider) and see that it is listed for auction

I can't share an image because my account is not premium but when I search for my domain on GoDaddy's homepage, I see:
"BLAHBLAH.com is available $30,000".
Then when I click "Get It" it brings me to a page where there's a buy now option for $30000 or a "make offer" for a little more than half of that. It says that the auction ends in May '23.

Is this normal? Where can I find where it's listed and remove the listing? I am not interested in selling.

*Edit* - I should add, I am renewed out until the 2030's.
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It might have resulted from an old listing by a previous owner. Actually it could be a number of reasons.

In any case, I'd suggest sending an email to [email protected] -- they should be able to remove the listing.
Thank you. I did not realize that Afternic was their auction partner/subsidiary. Regular GoDaddy chat support was non-responsive.
Even if they do remove it, you may need to double check to make certain that it does not reappear. There still is no required verification for listings with GoDaddy, Afternic, or Dan. So, don't be surprised, even if it is removed now, that it shows up again on one of their sites. There does appear to be a problem with fake listings in general with their platforms.
Supposedly, they are working to fix this, but this remains to be seen.