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advice Why are .tv and .io domains expensive


Arpit Ward

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Today, I was hunting for some good cheap domains to buy and flip. I randomly searched few .tv and .io expired domain with high appraisal value and the cost of such domains was between $26 to $50.

For eg, domain I searched on godaddy and found that the cost is almost $49.00, where the apprisal value and search results for this domain is quite low.

I don't understand why these domains are so expensive, if it was .com, .net or .org I could have understood, but as far as I know these are not top level domains.

So, are these type of domains good to buy and flip, if yes than how much we can sell it for?


Arif M,
It's just the price the registry set then the markup of the registrar.

The registry can set any price they want for their extensions. In theory they will try to set it at a optimal price point to be most profitable.

When it comes to .TV, I think they saw a demand and that more people would buy it because it could be used to mean Television rather than the technical usage as a country code for Tuvalu (a very very small country).

With .IO, until recently it started very small as it too was primarily used as the country code domain it was created and intended (British Indian Ocean Territory). With such a tiny demand, they needed to charge a lot to cover their costs. Even now, .IO has grown significantly in popularity .. but it grow from extremely small to very small. It is currently the "trendy" TLD .. so there is no reason for them to drop the price since people are buying far more than ever before. is a completely worthless domain. For .IO and .TV domains you're best sticking to one word or single term domains. Anything aside from very common terms are simply worthless.

The being said .. even perfectweightlosseffect.COM would be virtually worthless. For .io and .tv the value is maybe around 5% of the .com .. but more importantly .. there is also vastly less demand .. so many such domains would never sell at any price.

Just to give you an idea of how worthless they are .. I wouldn't take perfectweightlosseffect in .io, .tv, or even in .com if someone offered them to me for free. Even if they were priced at a very low $99 I don't think they would ever sell.

Hope that helped .. I definitely suggest you take some time to get a bit more of the basics of domain value before buying anything .. best of luck to you! :)


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.io's are popular for founders, hackers, and startups because io represents input / output (communication between systems)

If you want any chance of selling .io domains, they need to fit the market for people that use .io. That means tech related (design. io, drone. io code io), or empty vessel kind of names that could mean anything ... (blanket. io float. io red. io). Very occasionally, two words do make sense.

But the odds of selling long 3-4 word names that have nothing do with tech are slim to none.

For example there are very misguided NP users trying to sell .io names that are awful because they have nothing to do with tech, like hemorrhoids dot io and osteoporosis io. These kinds of names are liabilities, even more so because of their high renewal fees.
People need to realize that small ccTLD cannot realize the economies of scale available to large registries like .com (140 million domains...).
Whether you have 1000 domains in your root zone or 1 billion you still need servers, infrastructure, redundancy, pay salaries etc.
They may more expensive than .com, but that does not mean they are being greedy or even making big profits.

Also, some TLDs are not regulated and thus the pricing may not be uniform ('premium' registration/renewal fees).