Why are w/ repeated pattern worth more when the pattern is at the end and not the beginning?

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    Ok, can someone please explain this one:

    Why are's worth more when the 777, 666, 222, 555, 888, 111, is at the end of the number and lower when the repeated pattern is at the beginning?

    Just compare the sales to see: 1,600 USD 2019-02-26 GoDaddy 1,525 USD 2019-02-26 GoDaddy 1,525 USD 2019-02-26 GoDaddy 1,425 USD 2019-02-26 GoDaddy 1,217 USD 2019-02-26 GoDaddy 1,125 USD 2019-02-26 GoDaddy 1,125 USD 2019-02-26 GoDaddy 2,102 USD 2019-03-06 NameJet 804 USD 2019-03-03 DropCatch 554 USD 2019-02-22 DropCatch 3,050 USD 2019-02-17 GoDaddy 201 USD 2019-01-27 GoDaddy 252 USD 2019-01-19 GoDaddy 255 USD 2019-01-18 GoDaddy 2,983 USD 2019-01-12 GoDaddy

    See, the pattern in the beginning of the number does not sell for much, can someone please explain this theory to me for the reason why????
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    It just increases the value because of rarity. Putting the pattern anywhere is more frequent than start or end. Putting them right before the .com is just preferred due to it becoming that by choice that became standard. Sometimes if it has a 1 at the start it is worth more than at the end.

    Also numbers like 365, 234, 123, 168 at start or end increase value. Even just a pair in the middle raises value a little more than the pair randomly in the 6N.

    It's really about the rarity of the number and its location.
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