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Who's Selling These Names For So Little?

Labeled as discuss in Domain Selling and Domain Sales started by larryscott2559, Apr 13, 2018.


  1. larryscott2559

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    I can't believe some of these premium domains sold for so little.

    Keywords.net sold for under $2k (update: sold for $2,888) recently and is now being resold for close to $25,000.

    Wasnt.com sold for under $2k recently

    And I remember talking to someone on here who bought Airline.net for under $2k and resold it for like $6k

    Man I hope I get lucky to spot these names in auction. I would build a nice website on them.
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  2. Primary Names

    Primary Names ****** xXx ****** VIP

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    Keywords.net sold on namejet on 2018-02-23, which I think is pretty good reseller price. Singular would have sold for probably more. When you said is now being resold for close to $25K, I thought it is on auction and already reached the said price. That would have been exciting. Then I realized it is a SEDO BIN.

    TBH, I dont think these are undervalued sales. Sure, they have a potential for bit more.
  3. anantj

    anantj Top Member VIP

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    I don't really think there is a large difference in value between the singular and the plural. In this case, I personally favor the plural over the singular from a dev perspective!

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